Why “Beyond the Counterrevolution?”

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I have spent a decade trying to make a positive contribution toward the Counterrevolution, a movement I still whole – heartedly support. Yet, in recent years, I have developed a growing concern about the state of the true Church, the obvious manifestation of the false Church, and, since the true Church is the seed of the Kingdom of God on earth, the state of our souls and our society.

Something keeps pushing me, and, as a result, I have come to the conclusion that we are now “Beyond the Counterrevolution.” The strong sense is there, that sense that we are truly in the midst of the historical manifestation of Revelations 12-13. The Red Dragon, of course, is Lucifer. This we know and few would debate it. However, as for the Beasts, the more debatable subjects, we have what has been for me a slow awakening over these past ten years. In the Beasts, we have the first, the United States of America, with names of blasphemies written across its head, adoring the Red Dragon, and doing his bidding. The second, the False Church, appearing as a lamb but speaking like the Dragon (reference Solange Hertz – Beyond Politics). This second Beast is manifesting itself ever more boldly right before our eyes.

This awakening was all quite troubling for a man who grew up in the Bible Belt of the High Plains and who was taught that the United States of America was God’s greatest blessing to the world after his Son. Being “Bible-based” Protestants, we gloried that Our Lord saved us from the dark captivity of the old European Monarchies and gave us “freedom of religion”! I had no idea then that I would end up where I am now on the issue. I did not know it even when I wrote my first book in 2008. I just knew when I started writing that I was feeling at odds with the American view I had been taught as a youth. The opening lines to the Introduction proved prophetic: “…I had no idea growing up as a Christian-thinking, mainstream, popular young man in the great state of Oklahoma in the 1960’s and 70’s that I would end up living a life that runs so absolutely obtusely with American culture.” ~ From Journey to Christendom

Later in that same book, I made the statement that I was “French in spirit if not by birth.” That was followed by a reference to the need for a Catholic King to bring us to our senses. I was not yet officially a Monarchist, but the wheels were spinning. The more I wrote, the more I wanted to stop short of declaring the supremacy of Catholic Monarchism to the Constitutional Republic. Was not America blessed by God more than any other nation in the history of the world? Were we not the “land of the free and home of the brave?” To actually eschew Republicanism in favor of the Monarchy seemed simply too far. Yet, the tug on my heart pulled even harder. In time I yielded and became a Catholic Monarchist.

Our Lady Frosted

Still, more was to come. I came to understand that the difference between the two models was not simply in accident; their very substances were different and opposed. The very substance of the Catholic Monarchy was an orientation toward the Will of God, while the very substance of the Republic was an orientation toward the Will of the People. That enlightenment changed everything for good. I could see that the problem with the Republic was not a “good country gone off-track,” but a country substantively founded on diabolical, Masonic principles. The Will of the People was to usurp the Will of God. This was by design, not by accident.

Recently I came across the following from the great Catholic author Solange Hertz which confirmed my new paradigm:

“Beast No.1 personifies the state and Beast No. 2 the church derived from the state, thus reversing the order which pertained in Christendom. Whereas the Church created a Holy Roman Empire, the satanic empire will create a church.

Much amended, the Constitution was a temporary measure at best, one never mandated by the people as a whole and much less by any legitimately constituted authority. Adopted without a popular referendum of any kind, it rested on a simple seizure of power by a well organized minority. It has even been argued that it was never the Constitution of the United States anyway, but only for the United States, to define, organize and limit a central governing entity which certain wealthy colonists decided among themselves was a good idea.

Whatever instruction or amusement may be derived from this little aside, we have God’s word for it that from the outset the people of the earth were dazzled by the First Beast’s brilliant performance: ‘All the earth was in admiration of the beast.’ So dazzled were they, whole populations began pouring out of Europe into America without thought of return. “Who is like the beast?” He certainly had ‘a mouth speaking great things!’ “

~ Beyond Politics by Solange Hertz

I have come to see that it is no longer simply about defending a once Christian culture. Looking up, we gain a more terrifying perspective. That culture was never Christian to begin with. The United States is not a country to be saved through a counterrevolution. It is the very Beast doing the Red Dragon’s bidding.  The counterrevolution must restore Christendom in Europe and continue the work of the European Catholic Monarchies in the Americas to create a “New Christendom.” We are not looking to restore the United States to some deceivingly mythical notion of a country “founded on Christian principles.” We are looking to replace her with the renaissance of New France and New Spain.

Thus, a consequence of the Royal Heart of goodwill is the necessity for complete fidelity and intellectual integrity, even if that  courageous honesty challenges some of our most cherished core values, established learning, and pre-conceived notions. The Royal Heart is intensely uncompromising no matter how obtuse we become with mainstream society as this is required to persevere and endure to the end. We are not of the Luciferian City of Man. We are of the Divine City of God.

The Red Dragon and its Beasts have gone off to make war on the offspring of the Woman, the Blessed Virgin Mary, on those who keep the commandments of God and bear testimony to Jesus. The Beast of the sea (the United States) has risen and the Beast of the earth (the false Church) is rising at this moment.

Thus, we are “beyond the Counterrevolution.” We are engaged in a direct battle now with the Red Dragon and his Beasts.

We were created for just this battle.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us!

~ Walter Adams