Why “Beyond the Counterrevolution?”

I have spent a decade trying to make a positive contribution toward the Counterrevolution, a movement I still wholeheartedly support. Yet, in recent years, I have developed a growing concern about the state of the true Church, the obvious manifestation of the false Church, and, since the true Church is the seed of the Kingdom of God on earth, the state of our souls and our society.

Something keeps pushing me, and, as a result, I have come to the conclusion that we are now “beyond the Counterrevolution.” The strong sense is there, that sense that we are truly in the midst of a conflict that runs more deeply and is more nuanced than that for which the general Counterrevolution is prepared. This conflict in the Church and, by extension, in society is one with very deep philosophical roots in addition to those religious and historical. By not giving the natural philosophies their due place in the battle in deference to supernatural theology and history, we have left ourselves open. For sure, the front line of the war between “revolutionaries” and “counterrevolutionaries” is supernaturally above and beyond us. It is a battle between the forces of the kingdom of hell (revolutionaries) and those of the Kingdom of Heaven (counterrevolutionaries). However, our enemy has purposefully diverted our attention. The world typically thinks in terms of religion and politics, but the lever used against us by the forces of evil, and against which we are much unprepared, is philosophical in nature. Hardly a soul engaged in the war recognizes this.

Our Lady Frosted

The world is divided philosophically into two; the fault line is between the Platonist (goodwill before intellect) and the Aristotelian (intellect before goodwill). We are missing the point in our engagements. Being duped generally into thinking that the battle is anything but philosophical, we are sitting in an open field where the enemy fires volley after volley from a direction we know not where. The enemy consistently takes a high-ground position that demands explanation before obedience. If it cannot be explained, it is not worthy of belief. We consistently take the bait. Of course, we must have strong intellectual and rational weapons. We certainly must be able to engage successfully in apologetics. The issue is not if we should go head-to-head intellectually. The issue is that we concede, usually without being aware, that the Aristotelian paradigm of understanding before obedience is the first principle. There is our Achilles Heel.

To win this war, we must never lose sight of the fact that it is, ultimately, of the supernatural order, and we must arm ourselves foremost in the Sacraments, particularly the sacraments of the Eucharist and confession. However, we must also arm ourselves for the philosophical battle for the mind. We are clearly Platonists who understand that the Kingdom of God in Heaven is the perfect Form and the Form toward which we journey with the help of the angels and saints through the seed of the Kingdom of God on earth, the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

Yet, at every turn we  are pummeled by the numerically dominant Aristotelians who demand that our Church with her Dogmas “progress” in her understanding of the Kingdom’s Form, i.e., that all things, even Dogmas, must change to fit “reality” as observed by the human intellect through its observations and experience in the natural world. We say that the intellect must conform to the Divine Forms, that we “believe so that we might understand” (St. Anslem). They say that the Forms must conform to the intellect, that we must “understand before we believe.”

We must learn to engage the revolutionary philosophically as we do religiously and politically. The Counterrevolution too often overlooks this front line in the war, and as a result we find ourselves constantly hampered in our efforts at the conversion of hearts, and, through those hearts, the restoration of the Church and society at large. In this sense, we must take our battle “beyond the counterrevolution” and to the heart of the philosophical debate.

We were created for just this battle.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us!

~ Walter Adams