The Objectives of Royal Hearts

Royal Hearts is set forth here as a Traditional French Catholic inspired spiritual renewal leading potentially to a social and political movement with the objective of changing the course of America back to the goodness of Catholic government and culture which had been developed for well over one thousand five hundred years through the Catholic Empire of ancient Christendom. It is the rejection of this millennium and a half worth of religious and moral development, along with the ill-fated substitution of the Democratic, Constitutional Republic for the Catholic Monarchy that is killing America and the West today.

Royal Hearts would seek:

–  To evangelically proclaim the ultra-real Form of “America” as the land destined to be a New Christendom, while the “United States of America” is a superficial, anti-Catholic, Masonic construction which usurped the true America for the purpose of destroying New Christendom.

– To promote the understanding that the Masonic American Republic, having run the natural course of revolutionary Republicanism and having now fallen victim to the anti-God spirit parading as the “will of the people,” is now irreparably lost and must seek a more authentic form of government, specifically that of a Catholic Monarchy.

– The establishment of a Catholic Monarchy in the United States which would be the right hand of the Catholic Church. This Catholic Monarchy would restore an authentic moral order based on the guidance of the Church and the spirit of Our Lady’s Catholic and Royal France (and, we would add, Catholic and Royal Spain). Law and culture would reflect Catholic morality. Religious freedom and freedom of speech would be tolerated only insofar as the Catholic Church is recognized as the supreme moral authority and this recognition is enforced in our culture and laws. The country would be run by a Monarch who is checked by a truly sovereign and independent Church, not by a flock of politicians all checking each other (the fox guarding the hen house).

– In the interim, changes to current United States law, including changes to the constitution, which would pave the way for a Catholic Monarch and would, through the Church’s social teachings, begin the establishment of a legitimate hierarchy of values to guide society.

– To support the restoration of Catholic Kingdoms throughout the West, most importantly in France, the “eldest daughter of the Church,” whose main role in history, up to the time of the dreadful Revolution and implementation of the vulgar Republic, had been to defend Christendom and the Church.

The ultimate aim of all this would be the restoration of a united Christendom in the West ruled by legitimate Catholic Kings and which civilization would honor Jesus Christ as our true King, the most holy and glorious Virgin Mary as our rightfully exalted Queen, and the Saints as our noble sisters and brothers.

Queen St. Clotilda