New Horizons


Social media, for me, has never been primarily about being social. I do enjoy social interaction with friends. Staying in touch with childhood and college friends over great distances is truly rewarding. However, the primary purpose of social media, for me, has been more platform than social in nature.

My passions are my faith, reflective writing, and applied philosophy. I love to promote my Catholic faith, write, and philosophize. In the process I seek to be widely read, rarely recognized, and never followed. I do it because it is required; it is life affirming; it is my mission. I love to write but shy away from defending that which I write. My works are based strictly on a gather or disperse mentality. If you like them, join me – if not, disperse. My reaction to those who challenge me typically is to point them back to what I wrote. I will never be clearer in follow up as I am in the original prose. The one follow up I am, though, pleased to perform is that of clarification. Those seeking to know more will always receive a thoughtful response.

For over a decade, I have developed my writing voice. An entire theme crystalized in the process. However, over the past few years, I have felt myself at a juncture, not sure which way to go. I wanted to build on the original theme, to take it to new horizons; yet, I did not know how. Recently, the sun rose over the horizon. – Beyond the Counterrevolution – has, with all of my past decade’s work, found its next immanent teleology, a term I have borrowed from my philosophy patroness Edith Stein. It is through Edith Stein, St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, that my new horizon has appeared. It is she who has helped me discover the immanent teleology of all my works.

Edith Stein Potency and ActNow, it seems that floodgates have opened. Almost every day I have something to add to the original model. It is all one composite whole, just as I challenged myself to create so many years ago. What I sought then, I have found. What I seek from this point forward, I now have discovered with St. Teresa’s help.

Not long ago, after years of writing on the “counterrevolution,” I felt inspired by my life-long patroness and guide, St. Joan of Arc, to establish a new phrase “Beyond the Counterrevolution.” I see now that this was an anticipation of the blessings I would soon receive. It is time to move again, not in a different direction, but forward beyond the point I have reached.

St. Joan of Arc, St. Thérèse of Lisieux, and St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, with the most holy and immaculate Virgin Mary, pray for me – pray for us – as we journey further down the Trail of the Dogmatic Creed to the Kingdom in the distance.