My journey forward with St. Joan and St. Thérèse


Here is a clarification and expanded explanation of my goals for my sixties, God willing that I make it through the next decade. Though the goals sound disparate, they all assist in unison on the journey to the Kingdom of Faith, Hope, and Love.

According to both Sts. Paul and Thomas Aquinas, Love, i.e. God, is the First Principle of the theological virtues of Faith and Hope and therefore the End toward which these virtues lead us. St. Thomas goes on to tell us that the intellect is moved by the principle of truth (Faith) and the will by the principle of desire for happiness with God (Hope).

Note that the intellect is moved by the principle of truth. We know Truth; we are not searching. However, what we are doing is moving toward that Truth through the theological virtue of Faith. Hope, for its part, must be Hope in God and not temporal things, for we know that seeking happiness in things other than God leads to the loss of our souls.

With that in mind, my goals all assume first and foremost following the precepts of the Church, the sacraments, Mass, Confession, and duties to the state and sacrament of marriage. In addition they assume fidelity to scripture, which, for me has three great pinnacles: Genesis, the foundation of all Wisdom (Truth); The Canticle of Canticles, the mystical revelation of that Wisdom; and the Gospels, the Incarnation of that Wisdom.

Now, with all of the above in mind, the rationale for my goals, or my focus, for the next decade might make more sense:

1) St. Teresa Benedicta (Edith Stein) as my philosophical mentor and the patroness of my intellect – this has to do with being “moved by Truth.” I know what I believe and why. Being moved by truth has to do with “how” we believe, that is, what pathways we choose on our journey. I am at Edith Stein’s footstool for my “how” and believe that God very much desires to use her for this purpose.


2) St. Joan of Arc has been, and remains, the proximate reason for my Hope. I say “proximate” as Our Lord is the fount of all Hope, but He uses others as channels of the rivers of His grace. It is through Joan of Arc that these rivers run for me. I would have lost Hope many years ago without Joan of Arc. Her inspiration must remain a key focal point until the day I die.

joan of arc

3) St. Thérese has been, from the moment of my conversion in 1984, she to whom I refer as “My little Mother, Queen, and Saint.” It is she who introduced me to Joan of Arc.

Therese close up

4) The French language, and, I would add my Monarchical orientation, is more than a cultural objective. True France, French, and the French Monarchy are all part of my expressive spirituality. They are the result of my affection for Joan of Arc and Thérèse of Lisieux and the inspiration they are to me.