Queen of Spain, Natural Law, Substance of Being

Her Majesty Of Spain Queen Letizia, as Monarch, represents the state of being as reflected in the natural law, and by way of corollary, the unchanging divine order. This order is the prerequisite to a life-giving, edifying society. In states heavily influenced by republicanism and its democratic emphasis on becoming over divine-right being, the Monarch stands as a reminder to the proper order of things, notably that being has preeminence over becoming, divinely-ordered substance over democratic process.

Common misguided objections to the Monarchy are generally three:

Monarchs are dictators – this objection ignores the fact that most all modern era dictatorships were born of anti-monarchical republicanism, for example, revolutionary France, the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, China, North Korea, Cuba, and socialist Venezuela. Totalitarianism is not a product of any one form of government. Not even the United States is immune, as we are witnessing before our very eyes.

Monarchs often are not worthy of being King or Queen; leadership should go to the most capable person – this objection places the Aristotelian model above the Platonic. In the latter, the leader is challenged to grow into the best possible example of a Monarch. They must grow “to be” the King or Queen. The role of the average citizen is to help the Monarch do so. The Platonic model is as reasonable as the Aristotelian. In our view it is superior and based more on the natural law and associated divine order.

Monarchs often are seen as illegitimate by other Monarchists based on lineage – For example, the Bourbon Légitimste of France will not agree to an Orléanist or Napoleonic Monarch, with the situation being the same for the other lines. The Spanish Carlist will not accept the reigning Bourbons. These “purity tests” are not irrelevant; however, we feel that the Platonic orientation will bring aid to the cause of restoring devotion to the Monarchies in general. Royal Hearts stays focused on the spirituality of the Monarchy in general without excessive debate on lineage.

Her Majesty, Queen Letizia of Spain

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