Edith Stein, Monarchy, Toward a Philosophy of Monarchy

Toward a Philosophy of Monarchy – Part Three

The theorem streaming from Edith Stein’s approach to genus, species, and individual is affirming to the royal heart’s “knowing” with regard to freedom and moral cultural standards. What we “know” in our hearts as the a-priori foundation for what we “seek to understand” is that God’s will is always accomplished (through supramundane forming principles) while at the same time we are radically free as individuals with our own entelechy, our own potentiality within that causality. True freedom is acting on potentiality in adherence to the forming principle. We received both God’s will and our freedom when we were created, a seeming paradox but reasonably resolved through Edith Stein’s philosophy.

This paradoxical interface of “God’s will” with our “individual freedom” has been a central conundrum in religion, philosophy, and politics throughout the centuries. What norms can we insist upon in our culture, and how do we insist upon norms while acknowledging individual freedom? Politically, we observe that the extremes of totalitarianism (you must adhere to these norms) on one side and radical libertarianism (“don’t tread on me”) on the other both lead to cultural corpses, decadence, decay, and death. Neither Soviet communism nor American libertarianism have produced life-affirming societies.

Stein’s philosophical approach stuns with clarity on the matter. No individual can affirm life without the living form of its genus and species at work. We cannot become something on our own merely as individuals and with no reference to a forming principle. We must live out the forming principle received supramundanely from above (God’s will is always done – and this by philosophical necessity through genus and species – not just religiously), while at the same time possessing our own freedom. God’s will is, in fact, always done by design, and we are always free by the principle of entelechy. To ignore the former (Soviet communism) on one hand or abuse the latter (American libertarianism) on the other, we experience death, or, nonbeing, both as individuals and as a society. Our political systems, whether of left or right, are impotent to mediate the issues and mitigate the pain.

As royal hearts we continue to insist neither on Left wing totalitarianism nor Right wing libertarianism. We insist upon truth. We insist upon the truth that God’s will is always done (supramundanely) and that we are free in the process (through entelechy). This truth is the foundational forming principle, the origin, of the Monarchical society.

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