Edith Stein


If you gripe and complain about why you should follow religious rules and dogmas, you will never get where your heart tells you that you need to go. Obedience will never make sense to you, and you will convince yourself that God would never so stifle your spiritual life as to make your follow rules and dogmas.

However, if you turn your glasses around where you can see, you will catch a glimpse of the “something” you seek on the horizon; you will ask, “What is it?” (the core question in spirituality), and you will search out the “What is it?”, the seeking of which we call “spirituality” (Edith Stein).

In seeking the “What is it?”, you will come to see religion, doctrines, and dogmas as your sure and safe pathway, your guide, to the summit you seek. You will sense God’s unfathomable wisdom in revealing these truths to you. They will constitute your necessary rule of life. Your intellect will become integrated with your heart in a form of divine order. You will cherish your faith and thank God for it.

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