Royal Quips

Another reason I am a hereditary Monarchist

Louis Alphonse, the Duke of Anjou with his wife Marie-Margérite, the Duchess of Anjou and family. Louis is the head of the House of Bourbon and the Pretender to the throne of France.

Here is another reason I am a hereditary Monarchist. I just want to be left alone in peace. I’m not sure I can handle the next eighteen months. Everyone running for President is to me like a creepy crawly thing I don’t want in my house, or even in my yard. My whole strategy now that I am in my sixties is just to try and stay out of the way while the inmates burn down the asylum.

Hereditary Monarchies have no politics. You always have a Monarch as long as they keep having children. You can’t buy a Monarch with money. They just appear. They run the army, engage in diplomacy, set the standard of conduct for the country, form a government, and stuff like that. They are the father and mother of the nation.

The rest of us get to go on with our lives with significantly fewer creepy crawly things running around.

Some will ask: but what happens if we get a bad Monarch? To which I first respond: what happens if we get a bad republic? A bad King will eventually die and be replaced. A bad republic just keeps killing us all in perpetuity. A bad King can still produce a good son or daughter. A bad republic can never produce a good President.

Still trying to get Princess Caroline of Monaco to take on the challenge. She’s not returning my calls.

Monaco Royal Wedding - The Civil Wedding Service
Their Serene Highnesses, Princess Charlene and Prince Albert of Monaco


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