Critique of Nietzsche

We die empty only to live. Nietzsche rises as Superman only to die.

Thus spoke Zarathustra

Below is one of Nietzsche’s Opus commentaries. It is a powerful artistic depiction of his Übermensch, or Superman. This is a masterpiece of communication. Anyone who has tried to write knows that the struggle is in how to bring what is in the heart and mind to life in the written word. Nietzsche is masterfully eloquent in bringing his Übermensch vision to life. This is masterful. Of course, it is terribly and tragically wrong. Nietzsche is answering his own question. Who will rise to strike the deathblow to God? For this truly is required to live!

“Who will give you the strength for it? No one has yet possessed this strength!’ – There is a lake which one day denied it to itself to flow away and threw up a dam at the place where it formerly flowed away: since then this lake has risen higher and higher. Perhaps it is precisely that renunciation which will also lend us the strength by which the renunciation itself can be endured; perhaps man will rise higher and higher from that time when he no longer flows out into a god.”

Nietzsche sees the denial of God, and all we have assumed in our belief in God, as the key to becoming our Superman, our “rising lake” with the glories of the Will to Power that come with it. The Christian sees exactly the opposite, allowing ourselves to flow away, draining our lake entirely until we are nothing for the glories of the Kingdom. In our emptiness, we are everything. In our suffering and weakness, we are strong. In our humility, we are glorified.

We die empty only to live. Nietzsche rises as Superman only to die. In this sense, Nietzsche truly is antiChrist. He also is our brother.

I get so sad reading the lost opportunity that is Nietzsche. I also get reflective. “There but for the grace of God go I.”

joan of arc

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