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AOC and the overturning of Aristotelian thought

AOC Green Deal

What I love about AOC is the wholesale overturning of Aristotelian thought that has ruled the West for the past eight hundred years. She and her cohort are examples of Platonic reasoning, and it highlights the differences between the two philosophers. All of us lead either with Aristotle or Plato. Libertarian, “Enlightenment,” Jeffersonian thought is based on Aristotle’s method of reasoning (Wilson’s Hegelian ideal of America as the predestined light of the world came later), while ancient Christendom’s thought was based on Plato. This is what we all are fighting over. The disagreement on policies is merely a sympton; the root cause is our differing philosophical paradigms.

Why do I love it? As a Christendom-oriented Monarchist, I, too, am Platonic. The Church, and I would argue all Biblical based beliefs, are Platonic (this is why Platonic non-Christian Leftist views, such as communism or environmentalism, come across as “religious” in nature). As an aside, I believe this to be at the core of the Protestant and Evangelical dilemma in America. They have Platonic beliefs, rightly so, from Biblical theology; yet, they struggle to balance that with an Aristotelian “freedom” that puts the right to do or believe anything one desires above the absolute truths in the Bible. As Catholic Monarchists and advocates of “New Christendom,” we prioritize from Biblical and Church teaching in Platonic fashion. Freedom is important but not more important than God’s law.

A “New Green Deal” is the wholesale reorientation of our economic system based on a Platonic ideal. Monarchism is the wholesale reorientation of our socio-political system based on a Platonic ideal. That is what is so fascinating about the new disrupters. They are Platonic usurpers of an Aristotelian world. So are we Monarchists.

Does that mean that we agree on our Platonic ideal? No, of course not. Does it mean we support and agree with AOC? Please. However, it does mean we should be watching their tactics as they attempt to restore Platonism, however misguided, in the post-Christian world. We might learn something.

By the way, Jefferson hated Plato’s writings. No wonder the Platonic radical Left and the Platonic ultra, “true” conservative Monarchist right neither one care much for Jefferson. We are both repelled by Aristotelianism, only we are repelled in opposite directions.

Now, the book “St. Thérèse – Nietzsche is my bother” is making more sense all the time.

joan of arc

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