Royal Quips

Omar floats taxing rich up to 90 percent – I say just go for it


Honestly, I say just go for it. I don’t even bat an eye anymore. Don’t get me wrong. Of course, these folks will bring down the entire system – economically, socially, and culturally, but maybe that’s a blessing in disguise. The infanticide has to go, though. No compromise there.

The deplorables are working on destroying the system from a right-wing reactionary standpoint; these selbarolpeds (that’s “deplorables” backwards – there’s a lot of symbolism in that – for another time) here are working on it from a left-wing revolutionary standpoint. At some point the whole thing blows up.

The two sides could work together. A negotiated compromise could be that the deplorables will not build a wall if the selbarolpeds will stop killing children. Then they could work together to destroy everything.

This all is likely God’s justice reigning (play on words) down… and His way of judging a God-less nation.

Those who live to tell about it can rebuild from scratch. And I have a few ideas on that…

~ ^^^ a little bit of satire (except for the God’s justice part)

Vive le Roi et le Royaume de France Catholique!

joan of arc

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