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Ocasio-Cortez is winning – and we might get so tired of her winning


She’s winning. Those who follow her are going to get so tired of winning. She is Trump’s anti-matter. In a Dr. Who multiverse sort of way, they are the same but opposite. I’m glad she’s winning against the establishment but wish we had no need for her to win. I want her to win versus the elite ruling class but can’t tolerate her winning in terms of moral posture and resulting policies.

She is a Progressive Hegelian and a Leftist Reactionary. Of the three key terms in that statement – Hegelian, Leftist, and Reactionary – it is only the last one I support, precisely because it is the elite ruling class against which she is reacting.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slams Aaron Sorkin for telling new Dems to ‘stop acting like young people’


This will be tricky business, this new lot. I felt the same ambiguity about Bernie Sanders until he completely sold out to Hillary Clinton and showed himself to be just another voice for the establishment. The AOC crowd is different and will either inadvertently help or will actively seek out and guillotine people like me. My guess is that it’s more the latter.

I am hoping that the AOC phenomenon will weaken the Left’s diabolical financial elite in the long run while at the same time not being successful in its own objectives.

“Sorkin noted the Democrats have gotten too progressive. ’I think there’s great opportunity here, now more than ever, for Democrats to be the non-stupid party,’ he said.” (Read: the elite establishment must not be betrayed – even from Leftists.)

Too late for that. The stupidity of both parties is… well… that ship has sailed.


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