Critique of Hegel

Those Hegelian, Teilhard de Chardin Jesuits


This is what we have been saying. Hegel is under that rock labeled progressivism. We need to call him out.

From a One Peter Five post on Teilhard de Chardin

“The general framework (of Teilhard de Chardin) is a Hegelian progressivism in which, in spite of momentary setbacks and conflicts, the whole universe, with mankind at its crest, is gradually improving, rising, and achieving spiritualization.”

Click link above to read the article in One Peter Five

And, of course, once you let Hegel run out from under that rock, your next evolution no doubt will be in Marx.

“Teilhard de Chardin was a lifelong believer in Marxism. With typical flair, he announced in a letter of August 14, 1952: ‘The Christian God on high and the Marxist God of Progress are reconciled in Christ. … As I love to say, the synthesis of the Christian God (of the above) and the Marxist God (of the forward) – Behold! that is the only God whom henceforth we can adore in spirit and in truth.’ “

Those Jesuits. Glad we don’t have a heavy Jesuit, Hegelian influence in the Church.



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