Heresy of Americanism

By placing freedom before Truth, Jefferson, lit our own fuse.


My own work representing my own political views defies Thomas Jefferson. However, I would not say that my work is “in defiance of Thomas Jefferson.” These are two different expressions. The former speaks to a positive vision, logically deduced, and philosophically coherent that happens to defy Jefferson. The latter speaks to reactionary impulses seeking to counter Jefferson. I am no reactionary.

Quoted from Puritan’s Empire by Charles Coulombe:

“Where Franklin, however, saw in Christianity merely a harmless, perhaps even useful lie, Jefferson saw a definite evil….”

We are not, and never have been, a country united by faith. In fact, we glory in not having a unified faith. What unites us is “freedom” which as a first principle, untethered from Truth, is self-destructive. It has an expiration date unless grounded in Truth. Freedom not restrained by Truth is like an addict not restrained from using. Freedom is meaningful only in Truth.

By placing freedom before Truth, Jefferson, lit our own fuse. Conversely, ancient Christendom was united by Truth before freedom, and freedom was the result of a united Faith in Truth.

That’s why Christendom lasted for roughly 1,300 years before a minority of radical atheists led the revolutions of the 18th and 19th centuries. The people wanted their Monarchy and their Faith. The non-believing “elites” did not. Republics are an artificial construct imposed on us by elites and based on the falsehood that freedom is from ourselves, the people, rather than from God, the Truth. The Republic’s creed is that our freedom comes before God’s Truth.

Jesus said the Truth will set us free. He did not say that personal freedom to believe as we choose will lead us to Truth.

History repeats itself.


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