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I’m not so sure I am totally opposed to Ocasio-Cortez


I’m not so sure that I am totally opposed to Ocasio-Cortez. She is the Reactionary Left, while Trump is the Reactionary Right. Most tend to focus on the Left and Right part of that equation. I focus on the Reactionary commonality.

The goal for me is not so much Republicans winning over Democrats, I belong to neither party, as it is bringing down the establishment of both parties. Granted, there is a flashpoint for sure between those reacting leftward and those reacting rightward, but sometimes you have to use a flaming ramrod on different sides of the castle to accomplish the mission. The Left has used that tactic well in attacking Christianity, that is, by using both Islam and Gay Rights, two polar opposites but both enemies of true, traditional Christianity. It’s worked well for them thus far.


America has no conservatism, other than the small number of Monarchists like myself. That is a constant theme of mine. However, we are a hotbed of reactionaries.

Sure, I support the Reactionary Right far more than the Reactionary Left. I probably support 80% of Trump and only 10% of Ocasio-Cortez. But they may not be as mutually exclusive as we think. I am opposed to Capitalism but also to Socialism. They are two sides to the same coin actually, as are Democrats and Republicans in general.

The key to navigating this thing is to keep “the Third Way” in front of people. We could resolve much on both sides. All we of that way can do is to be in the mix and try not to get hurt.

Our job is not to try to make anyone believe anything; it’s only to build the Ark and warn people that the rain all around them is not going stop anytime soon.



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