Critique of Hegel

Liberal Logic is really Hegelian Logic

Jehanne and shields

Notwithstanding the Marxist economic influence on the new socialists, we have an issue with what some describe as Cultural Marxism. We are frustrated, for example, when the talking heads debate the moral rights of free expression for gender ideology and Islam versus the moral rights of expression for traditional Christian beliefs. When confronted with inconsistencies in how they view Christian expressions of faith versus the others, the heads simply stare blankly, smile, and continue saying what they were saying. We see a disconnect between what we think of as freedom and what they think of as freedom. This has been dubbed sarcastically as “liberal logic.”

Actually, there is a logic to it, and it goes back to one of our chief antagonists, Friedrich Hegel, who has had a significant influence on western thought, whether consciously or subconsciously. For Hegel, “freedom” is the next manifestation of “Spirit.” The past is irrelevant, even harmful, to the next dialectical manifestation, what some might refer to as “progress,” the “march of history,” or “being on the right side of history.” In this view, if traditional Christianity, which constitutes the old and irrelevant past, stands in the way of “progress,” i.e., the irresistible next phase of humanity’s moral evolution, then “freedom” can be found only by suppressing Christianity in favor of the new.

The new dialectic is freedom of gender expression, borderless citizenship, and post-Christian ideology generally. Therefore, in the Leftist Hegelian mind, to restrict the right of expression for Christians is, in fact, the path forward to true freedom! Freedom of expression for Christians, as we think of it, is nothing more than an obstacle to true freedom.

This is why the Left can be so morally self-confident. They are for freedom! They are for justice! The Left’s agenda is the new Hegelian dialectic. The past is now irrelevant. “Freedom” is assured only if we deny freedom to those who are “on the wrong side of history.”

“Liberal Logic” is, in all reality, “Hegelian logic.”

Now, we must ask ourselves, how are we going to respond? Referring to the Founding Fathers, the “intent of the framers of the constitution,” or being “founded as a Christian nation” is irrelevant to the Hegelian mind. (Though, as an aside, I do not support any of these premises; this is simply a challenge to the so-called “conservative” American Right)

What to do?

(PS, this is why I have always loved Chesterton’s quip, “Thursday is not superior to Wednesday just because it comes later in the week,” which is the most concise anti-Hegelian statement I have ever had the pleasure of reading.)


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