Critique of Hegel

The Left and Hegel – only Monarchy can counter it

The reason we are able to categorize the spirit of “the Left” as Hegelian and why this is so important is this. Hegel’s view, as described in his Philosophy of History, is that “Spirit” moves humankind progressively through stages toward Spirit’s ultimate manifestation as perfect reason. Each stage in the (usually violent) dialectic renders the past completely irrelevant. The old no longer matters. The past is now wrong, and only the new is right. To stand in the way of “progress” is to be wrong. To refer back to religious tradition is nonsense, and, in fact, detrimental to progress. Religion must conform to the Spirit of the Age. The present has every right to stamp out the past, indeed, the present has a moral obligation to do so!

This alone explains much of today’s Left in striking clarity.

The Marxist blend to the modern Left is the following. Hegel profoundly influenced Marx; though, Marx ultimately rejected Hegel’s notion that “Spirit” and Reason were the actors on human history. Marx saw the ultimate violent overthrow of the bourgeoisie by the proletariat, that is, by the working class, as history’s ultimate end. This is Marx’s Dialectic Materialism versus Hegel’s “Spirit.” This was still very Hegelian in its fundamental process, yet contrary to Hegel in its means and end.

The Republic, whether constitutional or purely democratic, is unable to counter the Hegelian and Marxist spirit. The Republic by definition places authority with “the People.” Those “People” are the very ones being infected with the virus. Those “People” will ignore or change the constitution for the sake of the more morally correct, new dialectical outcome that ignores the past.

Only the Monarchy can counter it. The Monarchy is a bulwark against the Hegelian “Spirit” that progresses toward a cliff. And here, we do not refer to a constitutional Monarchy whereby the Monarchs derive their authority from “the People.” That is simply a “republican” Monarchy. It will drift as the People drift. We refer to Monarchy whereby the Monarch is bound to the rock of God and His Church. This Monarchy defends the Will of God against the ever corrupt Will of the People.

As Catholic Monarchists seeking the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven through a society based on the preeminence of Christ’s Holy Catholic Church, we necessarily must counter all of these revolutionary Hegelian and Marxist aims. But more than simply counter them, we must go “Beyond the Counterrevolution” to the reestablishment of both Old Christendom and New Christendom here in the “New World.”

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