Critique of Marx

How Marxist are we already?


How much of the following Marxist ideology  already is present in America?

The Communist Confession of Faith was a catechesis written by Frederick Engels one year before the Communist Manifesto. The Confession was approved by the Communist League’s first congress in 1847. Engels convinced Marx that the Confession of Faith should be transformed into a Manifesto (see The Communist Manifesto, The Bedford Series in History and Culture edited by John Toews). Thus, this Confession is the precursor to the Manifesto itself. The following are selected highlights we might ponder upon in terms of the growing influence of each. Those who are “constitutional conservatives” might want to be sitting down.

Question 16: How do you think the transition from the present situation to community of property is to be effected?
Answer: The first fundamental condition for the introduction of community property is the political liberation of the proletariat through a *democratic constitution*. (My emphasis – this would be their goal as opposed to the Monarchy)

Question 17: What will be your first measure once you have established democracy (or, we might say in this era, “once you have established your majority rule in democracy”)
Answer: Guaranteeing the subsistence of the proletariat.

Now… hang on for #18.

Question 18: How will you do this?
Answer: 1) by limiting private property… by progressive taxation, limitation of the right of inheritance… 2) by employing workers in national workshops… 3) *by educating all children at the expense of the state* (my emphasis)

Question 19: How will you arrange this kind of education during the period of transition?
Answer: All children will be educated in state establishments from the time when they can do without the first maternal care.

Question 22: Do communists reject the existing religions?
Answer: All religions which have existed hitherto were expressions of historical stages of development of individual peoples or groups of peoples. But communism is that stage of historical development which makes all existing religions superfluous and supersedes them.

Pondering these ideas, we no doubt are struck by their clear presence to some degree in our country and in the political affairs in Washington. There is smoke in the room. There is a virus going around.

it is truly important that we engage the radical Left with a clear understanding of what influences them, consciously or subconsciously. We must engage them in the light of knowledge as opposed to the shadows and obfuscation of Marxist language. Reactionaries like Donald Trump are drawing them out with brute force. The Left is showing its Marxist stripes as an instinctive reaction to Trump interfering with their “march of history.” It is up to us to call them out in rational debate and “polite company.” Leave the sledgehammer to Trump. We need knowledge of the Marxist mentality and positive engagement with our neighbor to keep the virus from spreading.

We must be educated in Marxism and philosophy in general if we are to stop the impending pandemic. Would you recommend that your favorite team run onto the field for the big game without a thorough scouting of the other side?

As Catholic Monarchists seeking the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven through a society based on the preeminence of Christ’s Holy Catholic Church, we necessarily must counter all of these revolutionary aims. But more than simply counter them, we must go “Beyond the Counterrevolution” to the reestablishment of both Old Christendom and New Christendom here in the “New World.”


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