Critique of Marx, Royal Quips

Royal Quips: What is the Devil’s side of the story? It would be in part Marxist.


Have you ever wondered what the Devil would say if he were allowed to give his point of view on the fall of Adam and Eve and the eating of the apple from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil? We always hear God’s side of the story. Let’s be good sports and hear the Devil’s side of things. Of course, we will need to use our imagination a bit, but his defense for tempting Eve to take the apple might go something like this…

“Human self-consciousness is grounded within itself! It must be freed from bondage. Human self-consciousness alone can determine the principles of its own creativity! Yes, I did it. I tempted them to determine their own destiny with regard to The Knowledge of Good and Evil! But it was so they could truly be free!”

Sounds about right for the Devil… right? Well let’s compare that to Karl Marx’s understanding of emancipation and freedom:

“Marx’s initial public commitment to the ongoing process of human emancipation occurred as an intense engagement in the liberation of secular human self-consciousness from the chains of religious faith, particularly Christianity…Philosophy in its Hegelian form was for Marx a defiant claim that human self-consciousness was grounded within itself and could determine the principles of its own creative activity… once human thinking had freed itself from the seduction of faith in heavenly powers, Marx claimed, it was the task of philosophy to build a human world according to its own principles.” ~ Introduction to The Communist Manifesto (The Bedford Series in History and Culture)

Thus, it is apparent that modern day “emancipations” determined by the “principles of its own creativity,” such as gender-ideology and pronoun self-choice for example, are clearly Marxist and taken in defiance of religion, particularly Christianity. They are nothing less than taking the Devil’s lead to eat that apple. Both the Left and the economically conservative but socially liberal “Right” seem to have no issue with the Devil’s argument.

As Catholic Monarchists seeking true freedom in Christ through a society built on the preeminence of His Holy Catholic Church… we do.


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