Critique of Marx, Royal Quips

Royal Quips: Democrats and Republicans both are Marxist at their core


This might make my “conservative” Republican friends uncomfortable. I have said for a decade that Democrats and Republicans both are liberal and only two sides of the same coin. Both believe in freedom from God as He has revealed Himself through His Holy Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is the seed of the Kingdom of God on earth. Thus, the only truly progressive society, a society that leads its people to eternal salvation, is one where the Church has a preeminent influence and this preeminence is protected by law. Yet, for all of their differences in just how to reject the Church’s influence, both liberal Democrats and “conservative” Republicans make every effort to do so. Their attitudes hardly can be called progressive. They both are committed to the principle that we are the masters of our destiny, not God. They also both have the sympathy of  Karl Marx.

“As a young philosopher, Marx assigned himself the task of making philosophy real by creating a world defined by self-determination rather than relations of dependence, by working toward the creation of a secular, “free” democratic state. Freedom here was defined as self-sufficiency and self-determination, as the creation of the rules of one’s own activity.” ~ Introduction to The Communist Manifesto (The Bedford Series in History and Culture).

Without any additional context, this almost sounds like the Republican Party Platform. We already know of Marx’s commitment to ending Christian influence on human self-consciousness so as to allow people the “freedom” to create a personal reality based on their own principles (e.g., gender ideology). This latter philosophy is foundational to the Democratic Party. Taken together, Marx’s model for a “free democratic state” and the end to Christian influence on human self-consciousness begins to reveal the rough outline of the “coin” stamped with Democrat on one side and Republican on the other.

Of course, there is a clear divergence between the American “conservative” Right and liberal Left beyond this point. Marx believed that freedom in and of the community supersedes the personal libertarian freedom cherished by that of the American Right. Yet, these simply are two different roads leading out of the Garden of Eden. Both paths, Communal Totalitarian Left and Libertarian Right, reject that true freedom is found in obedience to God as He has revealed himself in the seed of the Kingdom of God on earth, His Catholic Church. Both reject the Catholic Monarchy, the true defender of “real” freedom in Christ, for the same reason. Both the American Left and Right desire to be free from God to pursue their own secular, material utopias. They just take different roads.

Christian freedom lovers in America almost unanimously rejoice at the fall of Monarchies and the establishment of Republican “free” states. Are we sure that the freedom we seek in these Republics is the same as God’s freedom? Or, does the goal of Marx’s secular “freedom” consume both sides in America?

As Catholic Monarchists seeking the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven through a society based on the preeminence of Christ’s Holy Catholic Church, we necessarily must counter all of these revolutions. But more than simply counter them, we must go “Beyond the Counterrevolution” to the reestablishment of both Old Christendom and New Christendom here in the “New World.”


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