New Christendom

America is supposed to be Catholic and Royal – its destiny is to be New Christendom

Clotilda cool wind

As Catholics in America, we will never fully be Catholic, nor will we ever truly restore the Church, nor will we ever effectively evangelize others for the Church unless we start becoming more truly American, i.e., Catholic and Royal and the land destined to be the New Christendom through the influences of New France and New Spain. We must end our association with the Masonic, Protestant state (in whatever form that takes practically speaking). The more one studies and imbues oneself with the writings of the saints, the Popes and the Sacred Tradition of the Church, the more challenging it becomes to avoid this conclusion.

Separation of Church and State has been condemned. The idea that mankind can truly reach its fulfillment only through democracy has been condemned. Freemasonry, the founding spirit of the United States, has been condemned. The United States devoted its first century to destroying Catholic and Royal influences throughout this hemisphere. It spent its next century doing the same in Europe. It’s as if the United States purposely and belligerently sought to counter the desires and wishes of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas, through the pagan spirit of Lady Liberty and the state’s worship of her. The United States has, in fact, a state religion, and the statue representing it sits in New York harbor. Catholics have Our Lady of Guadalupe. Masons and Protestants have Lady Liberty.


Yet, as Catholics in America, we are expected to give proper worship to the state Masonic religion in order to practice our faith in its entirety. To be a good American, we must follow the state civic dogmas first, then practice our Catholicism secondly. This is similar to the ancient Romans demanding that Christians first burn incense at the pagan temples in order to be free in the eyes of the state. Conversely, Catholics have Christ the King. We demand that Christ the King be allowed to rule over all hearts, even non-believers, as Christ is King over all, not just over those who believe in him. Popes have warned us of the folly of separating Church and State. Pope Leo XIII warned us specifically of the heresy of Americanism. Why, then, do we keep celebrating it?

As Catholics, we should strive to be “True Americans,” that is, Catholic and Royal with a desire to bring about the renaissance of the French and Spanish Catholic influences in our land. America is destined to be New Christendom, not a secular, Masonic Republic. The United States of America is a Masonic tool in the hands of Satan to destroy Catholic influence and the Catholic Church. On the other hand, “America” is a Catholic land where Christ is to be acknowledged as King through the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Sadly, that destiny now is subjugated and bound in chains of bondage to the Republic. Masonry’s main objective, and that of Protestantism too, is the destruction of the Catholic Church, outside of which there is no salvation. Why, then, do we keep celebrating it?



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