New Christendom

America will only be great again when her Catholics reject the heresy of Americanism

Clotilda cool wind

As the Fourth of July festivities approach, it is safe to assume that 99.9% of Catholics in the United States are preparing to join hands with the occult and celebrate the most pernicious heresy ravaging Christ’s Holy Church today. Catholics are going to join the Masons, the seculars, the “spiritual but not religious,” and Protestants nationwide in promoting and encouraging anti-Catholicism.

Otherwise truly fervent Catholics, those who promote the One, True, Catholic and Apostolic Church without knowing compromise, will gush with pride as they reflect on “freedoms” such as freedom of religion (against Catholic tradition), freedom of speech (against Catholic tradition if that speech does not respect Catholicism as the preeminent cultural voice), and generally the notion that democracy is the greatest and truest form of government (condemned by Pope St. Pius X). That error is given the same rights as Truth in our society will be casually ignored, as this is merely one of the downsides to living in the greatest society ever conceived by men and inspired by God.


These Catholics will celebrate Americanism, condemned by Pope Leo XIII and the single greatest heresy besetting our world today. Americanism, anti-Catholic from the start, was the political and cultural strike force which paved the way for the Second Vatican Council and its usurpation by Americanist Bishops (see The Star-Spangled Heresy: Americanism by Solange Hertz). Americanism opened the floodgates for the liberal and communist revolution killing our country today. Yet, few even talk about this heresy. Fewer still understand that they are caught in its web, pretty much from the time they are born in this country and certainly by the time they finish their mandatory Masonic indoctrination in public school.

Just as the Devil’s greatest trick in the modern world is to lead people to believe he does not really exist, he leads us to believe equally that Americanism is just a phantom heresy, that it does not really apply today, and that it was not really a serious condemnation of American society.

So, the Devil does not exist for the secular masses who no longer believe anything Catholic, and the heresy of Americanism, the Devil’s great weapon in his efforts to destroy Christ’s Church, does not really exist for Catholics. Checkmate. The Devil has neutralized Catholics in the United States and erected a wall around the seculars who so need evangelizing.

No wonder we can make no progress in reclaiming “true America” for Christendom. Restoring the influence of European, Monarchical Catholicism in this hemisphere is the only way truly to “make America great.”


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