New Christendom

The Renaissance of New Christendom – the Real America blessed by God

Clotilda cool wind

RoyalHearts celebrates and seeks the restoration of Real America, the land truly blessed by God. Real America is not the artificially constructed “United States of America.” Rather, it is the land pre-destined centuries ago to be “New Christendom,” the development of which was the intent and the duty of the old European Catholic Monarchs, notably of France and Spain. The goal of RoyalHearts specifically, being inspired by Traditional French Catholicism, is the renaissance of Catholic and Royal France in America that we might fulfill at long last God’s design for this continent, a design disrupted now for several centuries by an artificially constructed anti-Catholic, Masonic government.

As Solange Hertz points out in her important book, Beyond Politics, the artificial United States of America is representative of the Beast of the Apocalypse that adores the Red Dragon (Rev. 12-13).

“Beast No.1 personifies the state and Beast No. 2 the church derived from the state, thus reversing the order which pertained in Christendom. Whereas the Church created a Holy Roman Empire, the satanic empire will create a church.”

“Whatever instruction or amusement may be derived from this little aside, we have God’s word for it that from the outset the people of the earth were dazzled by the First Beast’s brilliant performance: ‘All the earth was in admiration of the beast.’ So dazzled were they, whole populations began pouring out of Europe into America without thought of return. ‘Who is like the beast?’ He certainly had ‘a mouth speaking great things!’ “


It is a reasonable hypothesis that the vast majority of Catholics in America fall subject to the great heresy of our age: Americanism, which is no more than an extension of the world’s admiration for the Beast which adores the Red Dragon through Lucifer’s formal, visible religion of Freemasonry and its Protestant sects. It would appear that most Catholics have no issue with such anti-Catholic, Luciferian, Protestant ideas such as “rule by the Will of the People” as opposed to the Will of God; “freedom of religion”; and “Separation of Church and State,” all of which are designed precisely for the purpose of destroying Our Lord Jesus Christ’s Church on earth, the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Yet, Catholics in America proudly pledge allegiance to the Beast on a regular basis and unknowingly participate in the state religion of Masonry.

RoyalHearts understands that the Republic is not simply a once-great country that needs to be made great again. We understand that the American Republic is intrinsically and substantively ordered for the annihilation of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. She is Luciferian and corrupt by her very nature. The solution is the resumption of Christendom’s call to bring the “New World” to Christ through his only Church on earth, the Holy Catholic Church. Thus the Royal Heart is one that seeks the renaissance of Catholic and Royal France in America to replace the Republic, along with the renaissance of Catholic and Royal Spain, and the renaissance of Catholic Monarchs throughout Europe.


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