Royal Hearts

Queen St. Clotilda, the spiritual mother of Royal Hearts

Clotilda cool wind

“The migration of nations! – What a medley of images this word calls up in our mind. It carries us back to the sunset of the old civilization; we rest for a while in the twilight, then grope about in the night, and emerge at last into the dawn – grey, indistinct, undefined – of a new social order.” ~ Fr. John Laux, Church History

Certainly, the above quote seems poignant for our times; though, it refers to the barbarian invasions of the 5th and 6th centuries roughly one thousand five hundred years ago. Just as the old Roman Empire crumbled exteriorly after years of internal moral decay, so is our empire called Western Civilization crumbling after an astonishing collapse in morality. The contemporary spiritual, social, and cultural situation in America and the West is not significantly different from that of post-barbarian Europe.

“When the last wave of the barbarian invasion had spend its force, the face of Europe had been transformed. Independent Germanic kingdoms had been established on the ruins of the Roman Empire, and there was everywhere a bewildering mixture of races, institutions, and religions.” ~ Fr. John Laux, Church History

The situation for true Christianity, the fullness of which resides in the only institution founded personally and authoritatively by Jesus Christ before His passion, crucifixion, and resurrection – the Catholic Church – is as perilous now as it was then. Just as in modern America, “Christian” rulers are often Protestant, Evangelical, or otherwise “spiritual but not religious,” the Goths, Vandals, Burgundians, and Lombards rolling over Europe were mostly either pagan or heretical Arian Christians rather than true Christian and Catholic. The saving grace for Christianity in temporal affairs and the seed of what eventually would become Christendom was the conversion to Catholicism of the still pagan Franks through the baptism of King Clovis in 496 AD. Our Lord and Our Lady accomplished this work of Divine Providence through Queen Saint Clotilda, the graceful wife of Clovis. Through her influence, Clovis converted  to Catholicism and with him all of the Frankish kingdom. True Catholic Christianity now held a beachhead on mainland Europe through the Franks and by the prayers and example their saintly Queen.

“In 493 the Frankish king Clovis married Clotilda, a Burgundian princess, who, though of Arian parentage, was herself a devout Catholic. It was mainly due to her example, her admonitions and her prayers that Clovis embraced Christianity in spite of various attempts made by his Arian neighbors to win him over to their heresy. With three thousand of his warriors he was baptized on Christmas day in the year 496 by St. Remigius, bishop of Rheims. The bulk of the nation followed the example of their leader.” ~ Fr. John Laux, Church History


Similarly, Christian civilization finds itself in the 21st century facing the same threat and needing the same remedy as it did in the 5th and 6th centuries. Our modern barbarian invasion began in the 16th century with the Protestant Revolution which brought a new, heretical form of Christianity to the fore of cultural and political power. Mutated forms of this heresy have led to our bewildering array of barbaric contemporary beliefs and institutions, as witnessed by their progress through the Satanic French Revolution, the equally Satanic Bolshevik Revolution, and the  equally Satanic Sixties Hippie Revolution. Having been torn asunder and weakened spiritually and culturally by the initial waves, we are now threatened with complete desolation by the ever-ready ancient battering ram, the most insidious barbaric religious and political mutation of all, Islam, with like effect as ancient Europe was threatened by the terrible Lombards in 568.

“The invasion of the Lombards (568) was the last, but in many respects also the most tremendous, scourge with which the fair provinces of Italy were visited. It was the most terrible, as Newman remarks, because it was the last; because the Visigoth and the Hun and the Vandal and the Herulian and the Ostrogoth and the Byzantine had devastated the land before him, the Lombard could in so short a time make the desolation so complete.” ~ Fr. John Laux, Church History

We are so threatened with complete desolation today by the Muslim because the revolutionary Protestant, the spiritually carcinogenic “spiritual but not religious,” and the totalitarian secular atheist have devastated the land before him. The Muslim is now able to draw the sword for the final blow. Just as ancient Europe was weakened by heretical Arianism under the false pretense of “Christian,” we are weakened by heretical Protestantism, Evangelicalism, and “spiritual but not religious” heresies. True Christianity – the Catholic Church – needs a beachhead today in our society, culture, and political structure just as it needed that Catholic, Frankish beachhead centuries ago.


Royal Hearts aims to be one part of that beachhead, even if it is a very small part. Our spiritual mother, foundress, and patroness is St. Clotilda. Our Lord initiated France’s mission and vocation as “The Eldest Daughter of the Church” through her saintly piety. Though her father was Arian, St. Clotilda’s Catholic mother instilled in her daughter a faithful Christian spirit as a barbarian Burgundian Princess at a time when the old was passing away, and no one knew what was ahead.  Later, as the Queen of the Franks, St. Clotilda brought an entire people to the true faith.

“All about Clotilda, as she grew from infancy to girlhood, the old world was crashing down; she, a barbarian princess, belonged to the new one, whatever it might be. Yet the faith that burned in her was the faith of Perpetua, of Cecilia, of Jerome’s Paula – all from the greatest families of Rome, who would have recognized Clotilda instantly as their sister in spirit.” ~ Warren H. Carroll, The Building of Christendom

St. Clotilda suffered much for many years after the death of King Clovis. Her children, the heirs to the new Catholic Kingdom, brought her only misery. Short of a personal divine revelation (of which there is no record or indication), she would have had no way to know during the thirty-four years she carried her cross as a widow that God would use her as the seed of what would become Christendom. Like Queen St. Clotilda, we must suffer with royal hearts in an age of vulgar, secular, egalitarian republicanism knowing that Our Lord Jesus Christ is the King of Kings, the Master of history, and He through Whom all things were created. We might never see the fruits of our efforts, but like St. Clotilda, we will offer our crosses to the most Holy and Immaculate Virgin Mary and through her to the Sacred Heart of Jesus for the Kingdom of God “on earth as it is in Heaven.” If St. Clotilda gave birth to Catholic France, then surely, by the grace of God, she will give spiritual birth to the renaissance of Catholic France. Queen St. Clotilda will watch over us with motherly concern.

Through her powerful intercession and royal, paternal care, we will defend the Catholic Church, as did her husband King Clovis. As did the Franks for Christendom over the centuries, we will form the seed for the resurrection of the coming, newly energized Catholic civilization. We seek the Renaissance of the Kingdom of Catholic France, the restoration of the French Catholic Monarchy, the restoration of Catholic Monarchies in general, and even the establishment of a Catholic Monarchy in the United States.

Queen St. Clotilda, with Ste. Jehanne d’Arc, Ste. Thérèse de Lisieux, and the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven and earth, pray for us!

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