Ten reasons why we should establish a Catholic Monarchy for America

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The Catholic Monarchy is our only lasting hope of saving the United States of America.

The proposition above is not something you would ever expect to hear in political discussions or the media. There are two reasons for this. The first is that our forefathers founded America on the principles of Democratic Republicanism whereby The Constitution would replace The Church as the balance of power between The People and The State. The second is that the elite financiers and liberal Revolutionaries currently under-mining the United States of America do not want you to contemplate it for fear that you will take hold of it and destroy their empire and all of their Satanic Masonic plans with it. You would be free under the Monarchy, and they simply will not allow that to happen.

The first reason above is why I do not refer to “restoring” America, for “restoring” would imply that it is feasible to go back to a free, constitutionally based Democratic Republic. I refer to “saving” America, for this is where we need to focus our energies. One cannot save the country by restoring the very system that led to her demise. Saving her requires a new system, one built on more authentic and durable principles. The most authentic and durable system of government will necessarily be founded on a formal recognition of the Social Kingship of Christ, for there is no other name in the universe by which we are saved, either individually or collectively. The Catholic Monarchy is the optimal form to bring about that recognition, whereby Jesus Christ has the preeminent right to determine the laws and influence the culture of the land. The Monarchy most resembles the governmental form of Heaven itself where Christ is King of Kings.

Alas, however, the average citizen of the United States does not consider this line of reasoning to be viable. Sadly, nor does the average Catholic in the pew find it so. This is because we have falsely believed that the democratic, constitutional republic, in principle and in fact, would lead us to the highest level of freedom and happiness. We have falsely believed that Monarchies were dictatorships that led to diminished freedoms. We have falsely believed that “separation of Church and State” was the high road to freedom and one even desired for us by God Himself. As the result of these errors, precious few take the Catholic Monarchy seriously as a solution to our modern crisis in America. Rather than “save” America, the vast majority will lurch out of habit toward the idea of “restoring” her to her constitutional republican foundation. This is equivalent to trying to “restore” an alcoholic to moderate drinking habits. Only a new paradigm will restore the alcoholic, not the “restoration” of the old.

The idea of a Catholic Monarchy for the United States might begin to be persuasive once one comes to terms with the near certainty that America has crossed a line in her Democratic Republicanism beyond which there is no return. The viability of a Catholic Monarchy for the United States becomes even more thought provoking and realistically acceptable when one understands the nature of the Revolutionary movement mentioned in the second reason above. The Revolution, meaning THE Revolution by Satan against the most Holy Trinity, began before the dawn of time and has been the earmark of Satanic spiritual and temporal forces bent on destroying human beings since man began to walk the earth (you might recall the story of Adam and Eve, whereby God has told us that this is the case).

In modern (roughly the past 500 years) history, though, this act of rebellion against God and His visible, institutional Church based in Rome has utilized very predictable spiritual warfare tactics through a handful of Revolutions, each Revolution proclaiming to “free” mankind, meaning, always,  a false “freedom” from obedience owed to God. These Revolutions against God are, in chronological order, the Protestant, “Enlightenment,” American, French, Bolshevik, and, more recently, the “Sixties.” The outcome of the latter in America has been the modern bloodthirsty, Satanic secularism that seeks to destroy our country and our souls without mercy. It is this last agenda that is so dear to the hearts of the elite financiers and revolutionaries.

Therefore, we seem to have crossed the line. The destructive anti-God Revolutionary virus is in full force in America. It is in full force because The People themselves, the very ones whom the Constitution enshrines in power, have spoken “their will.” Their voice demonstrates that the Will of the People is thoroughly corrupted by the Satanic spiritual forces of the Revolution. This leaves us with the predictable outcome, using the consistent progress and ultimate outcomes of the previous Revolutions as our guide, of a dictatorial tyranny in our future. The Will of the People has shown itself as no more than The Dictatorship of The People, in much the same fashion as defined by Lenin in the Bolshevik Revolution and Robespierre in the French (the later “Lennon” in the Sixties revolution was merely the voice proclaiming the death of the soul, “and no religion, too” – the ultimate aim of the Revolution).

To “save” America, then, since restoring her is not possible with such a corrupted Will of the People, we must appeal to a higher authority than The People. We must, as was so successfully (generally speaking) done for 1,000 years through the early and mid-Middle Ages (Feudal era), appeal to the Church as the ultimate authority for morality, social organization, and cultural identity, as the Church is immune by the power of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit from error in faith and morals. Not even Pope Alexander VI during the Renaissance nor child-abusing Priests of the modern era have been able to diminish the teaching authority of the Church or to force Christ to re-assess His promise to be with His Bride to the end of time. The Will of God through His Church, and not The Will of the People in a democratic representative republic, is the only sure Rock upon which to build a free, edifying, life-giving culture. This is the essence of the Social Kingship of Christ.

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So, with the above in mind, and with love for America as our driving motivation, I present the reasons below that we should consider the Catholic Monarchy as the next, and most optimal, form of government for the United States:

1) The Church, not a constitutional democratic republic, is God’s design for the salvation, happiness, freedom, and unity of the world, both individually and collectively. The Will of God is the first priority and the wellspring of a proper hierarchy of values. Once we establish the Will of God as the societal and cultural norm, THEN, within that framework, the Will of the People can democratically make authentic progress. We know the Will of God through the Catholic Church as decreed by Jesus Christ, Who is the only person ever to walk the face of the earth to rise from the dead to prove His claims. If ever you want to follow someone’s Church, it is the Church of Jesus Christ. Hinduism is rich in color but hideously depressive and satanic in theology and philosophy. Buddha spent his entire life trying to solve a Hindu-istic problem that does not even exist (the pain of reincarnation). Confucius developed a wonderful set of social norms to govern society (the closest in the East to Christian norms), but feared being too close to the afterlife. Mohammed is still dead and in the ground. The Church is the new Jewish Israel, the City of God and the New Jerusalem. If we are going to use any religion as a guidepost for God’s will, it must be the true one based in the risen Jesus Christ through His Church.

2) What people call the “Christian” cultural roots of America is simply a carry-over of Middle Ages Catholic civilization, despite the fact that the Founding Fathers were erroneously “freeing” us from the old Monarchies whereby the Monarch was the right arm of the Church. “Restoring” America to her cultural roots, if you insist on some sort of “restoration,” is really to restore her to her Catholic inheritance. Why not admit that The Constitution and The Will of The People failed to make any progress on the old Monarchical form and simply go back to the old Monarchical form? Time does not dictate progress. Just because we live centuries after the old Monarchies does not mean that we have made progress during that time. The past 500 years of “Revolutions” have been nothing more than a destructive re-action against the progress of the previous Catholic civilization. A speeding car heading for a cliff is “progressing” through time and space toward the cliff. As Chesterton pointed out, Thursday is not superior to Wednesday just because Thursday comes later in the week.

3) The Catholic Monarchy, built on the feudal model whereby Christian Kings and Queens are under the moral authority of the Church and thereby checked in their totalitarian tendencies, and are suzerains over relatively independent territories, will be the safe guard for local democracies. The King and Queen will maintain the cultural and moral norms governing society and will be the face of the nation in international diplomacy. Democracies, now guided by the Church through laws and cultural norms consistent with Christ’s teachings, would flourish at the state and local level under the protection of the Monarch.

4) The Catholic Monarchy will be the protector and guarantor of religious freedom (“with due limits” as interpreted in accordance with the long line of Popes in the pre-conciliar Church, see Fr William Most).

5) The Catholic Monarchy will be the protector and guarantor of free speech and assembly (“with due limits” as mentioned above).

6) The Catholic Monarchy will be the protector and guarantor of the right to private ownership of property and against the multi-national corporations and the One World economy.

7) The Catholic Monarchy will be the protector and guarantor of free enterprise that dovetails with the right of private ownership (and therefore does not necessarily guarantee the right of a foreign owned or foreign-minded multi-national to take property from the local population).

8) The Catholic Monarchy will promote, protect, and guarantee a life giving culture with edifying arts, entertainment, and language.

9) The Catholic Monarchy will be the protector and guarantor of the principles of subsidiarity that protect families and local social units from unreasonable encroachment by higher state and federal authorities.

10) A Divine Right Aristocracy of inheritance, whereby birth determines a King or Queen rather than political pandering and the influence of money, will be the protector and guarantor of the Monarchical form. Money cannot influence God in creating a King or Queen.

Finally, how is it that the Catholic Monarchy will be the protector and guarantor of these rights and principles? It is because we will have an optimal relationship between Church and State as it existed in the days of ancient Christendom. Separation of Church and State in the modern Republic is nothing more than a subjugation of Church to the State (therefore making the Church powerless and irrelevant). An authentic relationship between Church and State exists when the independent institutional Church holds moral authority over a Monarch. Monarchs who desire totalitarian control will face a Church beyond their control. Ask Napoleon, Louis XIV, or any other rebellious-minded King through the history of Christendom how difficult the Church can be on a totalitarian! Even they had to yield to a great degree before the independent Church. The Church is not oppressive on The People. The Church, with The People, is oppressive on totalitarian-minded Monarchs.


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