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Royal Hearts

As pointed out in a previous post, we note the historical analogy of our modern era with that of the barbarian invasions into the Roman Empire in the 5th and 6th centuries. In that day, God raised up the Hun from the netherworld of the Far East to drive the Goths, Franks, Burgundians, and Vandals through the gates of the Empire from the Eastern realm of modern day Europe. Similarly to the situation today, refugees poured into the Eastern Empire and Europe, semi-civilized barbarian refugees who were subsequently scorned, abused, and discriminated against by their hosts. In time the Goths would rise up to defend themselves and stake their claim permanently in the realm of the old empire, thus initiating the foundation of a new order as continual waves of new peoples poured into Europe, inspired by the sword of the Hun behind them.

This new order was the seed of what would become Middle Ages Christendom. It would take the Franks in Gaul to bring about the beginnings of the temporal Christian order in the late 5th and early 6th centuries by Our Lord and Our Lady’s blessings through the Burgundian Princess Clotilda, who would marry and inspire the pagan Frankish King Clovis to receive baptism. The Goths had made a half-step toward full Christianization by converting from barbarism to Arianism. However, it was the Franks, through St. Clotilda and Clovis, who converted from paganism directly to orthodox Catholicism, and, despite the weakness of the ensuing Merovingian rulers of their realm, the Franks would fight to keep a beachhead of orthodoxy on the mainland. This beachhead, combined with the spiritual sons and daughters of St. Patrick in Ireland and of St. Benedict in Italy, would culminate under the mighty Pontificate of Gregory the Great in 590 AD to lay the foundation of a new, Catholic Christian order over the ruins of the old pagan Roman Empire.


The people at that time, the average Catholic, endured much confusion theologically and much uncertainty culturally, just as we do today. While the Goths, Franks, Burgundians, and Vandals were pouring into the old society, the average Catholic also faced a Church at war with itself. On the heels of the Arian crisis in the 4th century came the Monophysite controversy of the 5th. As barbarians, mostly Arian, poured in, the Church was torn over the natures of Christ and just Who Christ was as a person. Orthodoxy was ever-present; however, the tendency toward heresy was all around.

Migration of nations; new peoples pouring into an old, morally bankrupt empire; confused theologies; a seemingly divided Church – this must all sound strikingly familiar to us living roughly 15 centuries later. There is an old saying, “History repeats itself.” Yet, in ancient times, as now, Our Lord and Our Lady needed faithful Catholics who were willing to walk in truth for the cause of Catholicism and Christian temporal order, even if they had no practical hope of seeing any results in their lifetime. Imagine the situation of the faithful Catholic in the 5th century, whose life spanned no more than 50-60 years, who saw nothing for his or her faith except more barbarians at the gate and more heresy in the ranks of the Church hierarchy. Yet, like Abraham who walked in faith not knowing, Moses who never entered the promised land, and Jesus Who was rejected in the end, even by His closest friends, Our Lord united the faithful sufferings of His people to His own in order to prepare the graces necessary for the flourishing of a lasting, edifying Christendom centuries later.

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The Royal Hearts of St. Clotilda is a group that sees itself playing this same role in the modern era. Just as God, Our Lord Jesus Christ, would seem to be making a parallel play in the modern world to that of the barbarian invasions of the 5th and 6th centuries, we would hope that we could play the parallel role of the faithful Catholic who labors in Faith, Hope, and Love with no practical expectation of a reward during our earthly lifetime. We labor for the Father’s Kingdom “on earth as it is in Heaven” while neither expecting nor even desiring an earthly reward.

The Royal Hearts can be found on Facebook with the following description. We hope all peoples of good will join us. We are open to Catholics, Protestants, and Orthodox Christians.

Royal Hearts

Royal Hearts is a group committed to supporting the Christian Monarchies (Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox) through prayer, penance, and evangelization. We pray and evangelize both for the existing, active Monarchies as well as the non-governing princely lines with their royal families. Our aim is to increase devotion to, strengthen public support for, and spiritually  enrich the royal families that they might be strong in faith, effective in governing, and inspiring in leading sanctified local Christian cultures that bless the world.

The way we do this is to “adopt a Royal Family” (ARF).  In doing so we:

– Pray and do penance for our ARF, seeking that they will always aim to be worthy Monarchs.

– Evangelize for their rightful honor and for the royal cause in general.

– Seek to awaken in others their own royal hearts filled with devotion to the divine order and the hierarchy of good in a culturally enriched, edifying society.

We encourage members of this group to do the following for their adopted family (or families):

– Educate us on them and their history

– Share current events

– Post pictures

– Share interesting related websites

– Share what we have in this group with their friends

Royal Hearts is under the patronage of St. Clotilda, wife of King Clovis, Queen and mother of Christendom.

House rules; respectful discussion about the legitimacy or not of the royal families, while being of secondary concern, is neither encouraged nor discouraged; while angry, invective filled condemnations are unacceptable. We are unlike other royal groups in that we seek spiritual benefits and greater popular support for the royals over settling dynastic disputes.

St. Clotilda, Queen and mother of Christendom, pray for us!