Revolution and Counter-Revolution

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You may recall from Chapter One in this book that I made the promise that I would not attempt to water down my Catholicism nor try to make it “ok” for those who were not of the Catholic mind. If you are one of those to whom I targeted that promise, you may wish to strap yourselves down for this final chapter. It is unlikely that I will be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in inter-faith dialogue for what I have to tell you here. But, I have done nothing from The Freedom Dance forward through The March of Hope other than develop for you the most honest and sincere description of my spiritual journey, and I have one final piece left. With some hesitation then, yet with sincere charity in my heart for those not of the Catholic mindset, I write this final and very significant element of that journey. My soul will not rest if I do otherwise.

The book Revolution and Counter-Revolution referenced in the title of this chapter and footnoted below is a rather obscure but very powerful little treatise by a late Catholic theologian from Brazil. I have been fascinated by it since the time I first read it many years ago. This book brilliantly summarizes, in faithful obedience to the doctrines of the Church, the root cause of the negative influences at work in our world and in a manner I have never before seen presented in any channel of communication. It also eloquently states the proposed solution such that we may begin arming ourselves with proper philosophy that will lead to a life-affirming culture. Like a doctor who discovers the very root cause of a deadly physical disease, Plinio Correa de Oliveira isolates the very spiritual virus threatening us and that by examining, will allow us to bring a fresh and life giving antidote to the world!


It was in this little book that I first came across the notion that what we are experiencing in the world today is nothing more than the on-going conflagration of a single, unified, Revolution through time, particularly the last five centuries, against the Church, humanity, and even God himself that began with the egregious disaster called the Protestant Reformation and carried forth with thunderous fury into the French Revolution, and ultimately bore the fruit of institutional, state managed atheism in 20th century communism.

From the initial rebellion through Protestantism against obedience to proper Church authority, as represented by the ecclesiastical hierarchy, this virus has germinated into a full blown societal skepticism against any “objective” moral authority and has further declined into the disease of moral and religious relativity that is ruining Western civilization today. The old and sure faith of Christendom in the Middle Ages has been cast aside in favor of the intoxicating philosophies of the Revolution with its radical individualism and the “me and God alone (as only I can define God for me) in whatever affirms me” mentality. This disease is the very root cause of our culture’s demise into deadly pluralism and an enthusiasm for death.

 From this simple but rich perspective, one may put together a puzzle whereby all the pieces of history that before seemed so confusing, now lay on the table before us in a remarkable but terrifying picture.

The Protestant Revolution has run its course. Its influence on society has been a disaster for Western civilization. The same prideful spirit that refused to bow before Rome in the 16th century chased priests to their death in the French Revolution of the 18th century. That same spirit, “empowered” by “freedom” from institutional religion brought “logical” “free-thinkers” in philosophy into the complete rejection of God through the institutional regimes of 20th century atheistic communism. This is one Revolution and is led by One Personal Force that has rebelled against God from the earliest moments of creation. This being sought and seeks the destruction of the work of Jesus Christ. He will be thrown into the great pit by our King and Lord at the end of time. Amen.


Whereas Protestantism, for some well meaning revolutionaries, sought to free men from a supposed institutional slavery to the Church, it still encouraged society as a whole over time to question Sacred Tradition, the teaching authority of Christ’s Church, and the Truths of God’s revelation and ran straightway in a logical pattern through the bloody French Revolution and into institutional communism in the 20th century.

This is what happens when mankind attempts to “free” itself from God. It always leads from life to true self-inflicted slavery. The other march, that march from Protestantism into 20th century communism is a replication of the rebellion of man against God in the Garden of Eden so long ago. Do you still think the story of Adam and Eve to be a fairy tale? We are living in the hell of the most recent version of it right now. I told you the first few chapters of the book of Genesis have all we need to understand the world, even the world of today.


What, then, is the essence of this Revolution? What is the basic driving force of it? You might recognize it as one of the key warnings, one of those crevices in which I warned we might fall on the March of Hope if we are not careful:

“The most powerful driving force of the Revolution is in the disordered tendencies. For this reason, the Revolution has been compared to a typhoon, an earthquake, a cyclone, the unleashed forces of nature being material images of the unbridled passions of man.”[1]

“This inversion-the right to think, feel, and do everything the unrestrained passions demand – is the essence of liberalism…it is solely interested in freedom for evil, it…restricts freedom of the good as much as possible.”[2]

Yes, the Revolution is the great attempt to bring a constant and ever destructive chaos that always opposes goodness into our lives and societies through the rebellious and disordered passions of man. Does this sound familiar? Does it sound like our culture today with twenty four hour noise, vulgarity, rudeness, and shamelessness? The Revolution is disorder my friend. And if you feel completely torn apart and lacking unity in our world today, then you are feeling the effects of the Revolution. This is what the Revolution calls “freedom,” freedom to engage in any immoral activity one desires, to be left alone to “be me” in self worship and in complete rebellion against God’s commandments.


What, then, is the solution? It is quite simple. It is a Counter-Revolution:

“If the Revolution is disorder, the Counter-Revolution is the restoration of order. And by order we mean the peace of Christ in the Reign of Christ, that is, Christian civilization, austere and hierarchical, fundamentally sacral, anti-egalitarian, and anti-liberal.”[3]

You may be connecting now The March of Hope with the theme of cultural recovery through order in the Counter-Revolution that is Catholic spirituality. What I have come to see as I journey through time and space with my saintly friends is that our unity, soul and body, depends on the correct ordering of our values. This leads to unity in objectives and a vibrant, living personal life and from there a life giving culture if only it is founded on that one dominant principle which leads to Order.


The spirit of Order is that of Jesus Christ. The March of Hope is about the correct order of affairs; it is about Jesus and his saving grace, authority, and laws first; then the Holy Mother of God as the Queen, Mediatrix of grace, and our Mother; and then to the brotherhood of man in the communion of saints as a glorious, eternal, hierarchical aristocracy, kingdom, and family for which we sacrifice our lives to obtain!

This is the Sacred Tradition of the Church passed onto us for two thousand years. This is the path of our Fathers. This is the March of Hope and The Freedom Dance on the trail of the Dogmatic Creed of Roman Catholicism. This is the grand view that I have been led to see.

The Kingdom to which I have been leading you is an aristocracy, not a democracy. This Kingdom has a King and a Queen. We know Jesus to be King! It is to him that all rulers, indeed all people, will kneel, and there is no other. This Kingdom, the view of which I see on that great hillside, that mountain top with Joan of Arc and Thérèse, is a kingdom of peace, order, personal and community fulfillment; it is a Christian Kingdom. And it is the Kingdom which has been prepared for you for all of eternity.

There is no other. Well, there actually is one other. But, “let’s not go there”!

It is time for the revival and dominance of Catholic culture. It is time to bring the Kingdom of God down from the very heavens.

It is time to March in Hope for the Counter-Revolution!

[1] Ibid., p. 29.

[2] Ibid., p. 52.

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Author: Walter Adams

I am a missionary for a Kingdom many thought to be lost, commissioned by a Queen many never knew existed. My blogs and social media postings are created only to inspire. I seek many to join me but none to follow me. I desire not to be influential, only to be a good influence.

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