What would a Catholic Monarchy in America look like?


People often ask, “Just what would a Catholic Monarchy in America look like? Aside from the spiritual and philosophical arguments, what is the practical application?”

In gratitude to the late Abbé Georges de Nantes and his 150 Points of the Phalange, I will present here a beginning outline of the Catholic Monarchy. This outline will continue to evolve, but it is important to establish the foundation, no matter how rudimentary, in order to facilitate the discussion.

Importantly, the Catholic Monarchy will create a “nation free and organized” (points 91-96), one that establishes the optimal environment for the free, non-coerced conversion and salvation of souls, and one that helps souls to seek and grow in sanctifying grace thereby creating a sanctified society.

The King and Queen are the father and mother of the Kingdom. They serve the country and their subjects with the same care and fidelity parents serve their families. The King and Queen love their country and subjects with the same love as that of parents for their children. In return, the subjects love their King and Queen as children love their parents. The royal family act as a bastion of stability in an ever shifting, amorphous cultural and socioeconomic landscape. The Royals are icons for the nation and the galvanizing manifestation of the Kingdom’s beliefs, traditions, culture, and way of life. The Royals are the guardians of the nation against the revolutionary intrusion of multi-national corporations and one-world financiers by protecting local capital and free, fair enterprise. The Royals bring order in general principles so that the subjects might be free in the particulars of their ordinary lives.

As such, the subjects of the Kingdom are imbued with a sense of honor and dignity. They see it as their duty to ensure that the Monarchs are truly living up to their exalted positions. The subjects of the Kingdom greatly desire that their Monarchs be good Kings and Queens, for it is such that the order of the Kingdom will facilitate peace and justice. A good King and Queen mean a good country; thus, their subjects not only make it their duty to rightly honor the Monarchs but will respectfully reproach them if they fail in their divine right responsibilities.

Below the King and Queen who, being necessarily Catholic in religion, are masters of diplomacy, head of the Armed Forces for the protection of the Kingdom, and the hereditary masters of the Kingdom in all matters legislative and judicial, we have the following:

The Chamber of the Great Orders

  • First Great Order – the Clergy who are responsible for ensuring that the royal family and the laws of the land are aligned with Catholic teaching and that the royal family is both responsible and responsive to the Holy Father, the Pope in Rome in all matters of faith and morals.
  • Second Great Order – the Magistrature which is responsible for administering justice in the name of the King and Queen.
  • Third Great Order – Universities and Education which would be established to ensure an independent educational system, free from the influence of corporations, financiers, and revolutionary elites,  and maintaining the ideals of subsidiarity whereby the family is the core and central unit of society and the social unit responsible for the education of their own children. This Order will promote life-giving culture, arts, and entertainment in addition to protecting the educational system from negative outside influences and the power of money.
  • The Fourth Great Order – Social Charity which, working distinctly from private corporations and centralized government bureaucracies, will establish local and regional charitable organizations that aid in helping the poorest of the poor and those most disadvantaged. The royal family will be the visible head of this noble Order.

The Chamber of the States, similar to the modern House of Representatives, whereby the King’s subjects throughout the land voice their concerns through freely elected representatives.

The Council of the Kingdom, similar to the modern Senate, whereby the royal family appoints the wisest, most distinguished, and most Catholic-minded women and men in the kingdom to serve as a sounding board for royal decisions. The Council of the Kingdom would freely remonstrate with the King and Queen to ensure that the Kingdom remains free and organized through Catholic faith and morals and by the principles of Catholic social teaching.

The state and local principalities, under the protection and care of the Royal Family, exercise a significant level of democratic freedoms. Within the well designed parameters of Catholic morality and social teaching, the states would have governors who are appointed by the Monarch with a state legislature freely and democratically elected by the subjects. At the local principality level, the subjects of the Kingdom would freely and democratically elect their local leaders.

In sum, the Monarchy would bring peace, order, justice, and freedom under the Natural Law and through Catholic social teaching, all in submission to the Social Kingship of Christ and His Church, which is the seed of the Kingdom of God on earth.


Author: Walter Adams

I am a missionary for a Kingdom many thought to be lost, commissioned by a Queen many never knew existed. My blogs and social media postings are created only to inspire. I seek many to join me but none to follow me. I desire not to be influential, only to be a good influence.

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