Can the democratic man be saved?


Interesting read in this link. Written by an Orthodox priest.

There is much here to ponder. But I can identify with his basic premise. My encounter with God was and is very undemocratic. After July 17, 2006 I began a journey that is profoundly freeing (thus, the name of my first book “Journey to Christendom – The Freedom Dance“) while at the same time decidedly un-democratic.

The more free I became in Christ, the less appealing were the vagaries of democratic “opinion” (side note – Aquinas in the Summa does make a distinction in substance between opinion and faith). I realized that Christ is a Monarch, not a President who panders to my whims for the purpose of seeking re-election.

My encounter with Christ had a tectonic impact that re-shaped me as a Monarchist.

From the article:

“The modern Christian is generally a democratic man. It is a habit of the heart formed by the culture we live in. It forms and shapes us for unbelief and the god of unbelievers. The democratic man cannot believe in God.

This is the Democratic Man.

Can such a man find God, or even be saved?”


Author: Walter Adams

I am a missionary for a Kingdom many thought to be lost, commissioned by a Queen many never knew existed. My blogs and social media postings are created only to inspire. I seek many to join me but none to follow me. I desire not to be influential, only to be a good influence.

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