How my devotion to St. Joan of Arc led me to be a Monarchist


My devotion to St. Joan of Arc expressed itself initially as simply a love for the person of St. Joan. That person of St. Joan is a soul magnified by the Lord our Savior in a related, though inferior, manner to the Blessed Virgin Mary’s, whereby we see the glory of God reflected through the prism of her soul. This reflection of St. Joan combined with that of St. Thérèse represents what I often refer to as “the most beautiful color in the Heavens”:

“St. Joan and St. Thérèse, together they are the most beautiful color in the Heavens!”


This outpouring of devotion for St. Joan ended up being far more spiritually and mentally transformational than I ever before would have imagined. Whereas in this devotion I initially found myself more imbued with the life of Christ than I had been in my previous cultural paradigm, this soon turned to a broader interest in Joan’s 15th century France and the contemporary cultural circumstances that led to such a heroic life, indeed among the most heroic lives in all of human history. I felt a strong tug on my heart to explore the history surrounding St. Joan.

Like many historical studies, this adventure continually seemed to require a wider and wider view. It was like dropping a rock in a pond and watching the ripples move outward in all directions. The more I learned of Joan, the more I wanted to know about the influences on the periphery. She was engaged and decisive in the Hundred Years War between England and France. What was the Hundred Years War? She was persecuted in her trial of inquisition by a deceptive, ill-willed Bishop and a group of theologians from the University of Paris who supported the erroneous and destructive “collegial” approach to Church governance rather than the traditional “Monarchical” model grounded in Christ’s model of the Church on the Rock of Peter. What was that all about? The timid dauphin, Charles VII, whom Joan was dragging desperately to his own coronation as King of France, was a Valois, a cadet branch of the Capetians. What? It was absolutely essential that Charles be anointed with the sacred oil of Clovis, the first Catholic King of the Franks who was baptized and blessed with this very oil by St. Rémy at Rheims in 496 AD. How does that all tie in?

Jehanne refined 2

The studies that followed opened my eyes to the noble and sacred roles that the Monarchies played in building Christendom. I came to see the role of the temporal Monarchy as critical to the role of the Church in Medieval times, even though the temporal Monarchy fulfilled it’s role as imperfectly and, at times as scandalously, as did the Church in fulfilling her own role.

I came to see that Joan’s vision of Monarchy was one that had its final Form, not in the “kingdoms of man,” but in the “Kingdom of God” where Christ ruled as King of all  Kings. Then, of course, there was that part about her actual visions from Heaven, not just the mental images she had in her head. Those visions of real angels and real saints who now abide in their own glory in Heaven told her that Jesus Christ was the true King of France and that Charles VII, as the temporal king, was Our Lord’s steward on earth.

JOA coronation radiance

I mused over what I was learning. Through public revelation, the Lord had a Vicar on earth in the Pope for His Church. Through private revelation to Joan of Arc, He had a temporal steward for His Kingdom of France. This is where Joan’s heart was. It was in the mystical Kingdom of France that had a temporal order in its earthly king, Charles VII, and a Divine Order through its Heavenly King, Jesus Christ. France, for Joan, was the place on earth where God’s Kingdom was to come “on earth as it is in Heaven.”

Given my love and devotion for St. Joan of Arc, bequeathed to me from Our Lord through the Virgin Mary and in cooperation with Ste. Thérèse de Lisieux, I was empowered with a union of St. Joan’s heart. If France was a mystical kingdom whereby Our Lord is served as King of Kings, then I wanted to serve Him as well alongside Joan of Arc.

Jehanne 6

The Monarchist in me was born. It is a Monarchism grounded in the heart of St. Joan of Arc which sees France as the Eldest Daughter of the Church serving Our Lord as King of Kings. How far France is from that model today!

Thus, by consequence, how great is the need in our world today for “devotion to Traditional French Catholicism and the Renaissance of Catholic France!”

Ste. Jehanne et Ste. Thérèse, avec la Vierge Marie, prient pour nous!



What would a Catholic Monarchy in America look like?


People often ask, “Just what would a Catholic Monarchy in America look like? Aside from the spiritual and philosophical arguments, what is the practical application?”

In gratitude to the late Abbé Georges de Nantes and his 150 Points of the Phalange, I will present here a beginning outline of the Catholic Monarchy. This outline will continue to evolve, but it is important to establish the foundation, no matter how rudimentary, in order to facilitate the discussion.

Importantly, the Catholic Monarchy will create a “nation free and organized” (points 91-96), one that establishes the optimal environment for the free, non-coerced conversion and salvation of souls, and one that helps souls to seek and grow in sanctifying grace thereby creating a sanctified society.

The King and Queen are the father and mother of the Kingdom. They serve the country and their subjects with the same care and fidelity parents serve their families. The King and Queen love their country and subjects with the same love as that of parents for their children. In return, the subjects love their King and Queen as children love their parents. The royal family act as a bastion of stability in an ever shifting, amorphous cultural and socioeconomic landscape. The Royals are icons for the nation and the galvanizing manifestation of the Kingdom’s beliefs, traditions, culture, and way of life. The Royals are the guardians of the nation against the revolutionary intrusion of multi-national corporations and one-world financiers by protecting local capital and free, fair enterprise. The Royals bring order in general principles so that the subjects might be free in the particulars of their ordinary lives.

As such, the subjects of the Kingdom are imbued with a sense of honor and dignity. They see it as their duty to ensure that the Monarchs are truly living up to their exalted positions. The subjects of the Kingdom greatly desire that their Monarchs be good Kings and Queens, for it is such that the order of the Kingdom will facilitate peace and justice. A good King and Queen mean a good country; thus, their subjects not only make it their duty to rightly honor the Monarchs but will respectfully reproach them if they fail in their divine right responsibilities.

Below the King and Queen who, being necessarily Catholic in religion, are masters of diplomacy, head of the Armed Forces for the protection of the Kingdom, and the hereditary masters of the Kingdom in all matters legislative and judicial, we have the following:

The Chamber of the Great Orders

  • First Great Order – the Clergy who are responsible for ensuring that the royal family and the laws of the land are aligned with Catholic teaching and that the royal family is both responsible and responsive to the Holy Father, the Pope in Rome in all matters of faith and morals.
  • Second Great Order – the Magistrature which is responsible for administering justice in the name of the King and Queen.
  • Third Great Order – Universities and Education which would be established to ensure an independent educational system, free from the influence of corporations, financiers, and revolutionary elites,  and maintaining the ideals of subsidiarity whereby the family is the core and central unit of society and the social unit responsible for the education of their own children. This Order will promote life-giving culture, arts, and entertainment in addition to protecting the educational system from negative outside influences and the power of money.
  • The Fourth Great Order – Social Charity which, working distinctly from private corporations and centralized government bureaucracies, will establish local and regional charitable organizations that aid in helping the poorest of the poor and those most disadvantaged. The royal family will be the visible head of this noble Order.

The Chamber of the States, similar to the modern House of Representatives, whereby the King’s subjects throughout the land voice their concerns through freely elected representatives.

The Council of the Kingdom, similar to the modern Senate, whereby the royal family appoints the wisest, most distinguished, and most Catholic-minded women and men in the kingdom to serve as a sounding board for royal decisions. The Council of the Kingdom would freely remonstrate with the King and Queen to ensure that the Kingdom remains free and organized through Catholic faith and morals and by the principles of Catholic social teaching.

The state and local principalities, under the protection and care of the Royal Family, exercise a significant level of democratic freedoms. Within the well designed parameters of Catholic morality and social teaching, the states would have governors who are appointed by the Monarch with a state legislature freely and democratically elected by the subjects. At the local principality level, the subjects of the Kingdom would freely and democratically elect their local leaders.

In sum, the Monarchy would bring peace, order, justice, and freedom under the Natural Law and through Catholic social teaching, all in submission to the Social Kingship of Christ and His Church, which is the seed of the Kingdom of God on earth.


Monarchs, Saints, Worship, and the Divine Order


What if I were to say, “Joan of Arc saved my life! I was at the gates of Hell when she pulled me to safety!”

If I were at a party with Protestants (I say this with good-natured intent; many of my friends are either mainstream Protestant or Evangelical), the room would clear quickly. If the party were on their property, they likely would call security.

Once I was safely restrained, they would tell me that “only Jesus can save us.”

The thing is – yes, I know that. Every Catholic knows that, even as they cry out to their favorite saints for help.

What gives? Why “worship?” a saint when you are supposed to worship God alone? I would like to ask them the same thing every time they, rightfully, honor a veteran for sacrificing everything, even their lives on too many occasions, for our country. I would like to ask them the same thing every time they honor their neighbor in Church, or honor their pastor.

“But we don’t ‘worship’ them for crying out loud!”

Well, actually you do. Just check with Webster.

If you look up the definition of “worship,” you will see something strange. Not only does worship refer to the adoration of God, but it refers to the high esteem and honor we give to others, anybody. The reason for this confusion is that English has integrated into one word that for which Latin uses two: dulia and latria. Both words in Latin refer to “worship.” Dulia respresents the high esteem and honor we give others, such as veterans, our neighbor in Church, or our Pastor. Latria refers to the adoration reserved for God alone, that of the worship we give to our Creator and to Him alone as the Commandment instructs us. Thomas Aqunias points out that dulia and latria are different in substance, meaning, no matter how much dulia you give someone, it never turns into latria. It makes sense, actually. No matter how much you honor (worship with dulia) your mother and father (another commandment by the way), it never turns into the latria owed to God. How freeing! We do not have to hold back in our love and honor for others for fear of worshiping them in violation of the first commandment (provided we understand and do not lose sight of the distinction)!

The issue at hand, then, for my Protestant brethren, is that I may rightfully call on Joan of Arc with honor and love, just as the Protestant may call on their neighbor or Pastor with honor and love. We call this the belief in the “communion of saints” in our ancient Apostles Creed. The saints are more alive than we are. The notion of a dead saint is an oxymoron of the highest order. I hope that if I get to Heaven by the grace of God, I am not dead. The point of Heaven is to be truly alive in a supernatural way.

If the Protestant were to exclaim to his friend who helped out in a time of crisis, “John, I owe you my life! You saved my life with the help you gave me!” no one would bat an eye. In fact, it would be strange for the person in need completely to ignore the person through whom God worked this miracle. It even would seem hardly pleasing to God to show no gratitude to this person simply because of the bigger truth that it was actually God who did the saving. God uses others so that we might love others. It is no different with the saints.

So, Joan of Arc saved me. She brought me back from the gates of Hell. However, if you insist otherwise, then fine. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ saved me through His infinite merits won on the Cross of Calvary. However, he worked His grace through Joan of Arc who is more alive than we are (because of the grace of Jesus Christ). My gratitude and “dulia” worship of Joan of Arc (the same substance through which we “worship” our veterans, our neighbor in Church, our Pastor, our mother and our father) is most appropriate and flourishes through my “latria” adoration of Jesus Christ.

Jehanne 9

This brings me to Royalty.

In the Divine Order where Jesus Christ is King of Kings (and not the President for four years after which He seeks re-election) in the Father’s Kingdom, our earthly Kings and Queens are to represent (however imperfectly) the Father’s Kingdom “on earth as it is in Heaven.” They are the Lord’s stewards and lieutenants (re: Joan of Arc’s message to Charles VII proclaiming Christ as the true King of France with Charles as His Lieutenant) for His dominion through the Social Kingship of Christ. They may not be saints; however, we owe them the dulia they deserve due to their position and responsibility in the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven.

JOA coronation radiance

We need good Monarchs in order to establish the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven. They need good subjects. It is their duty to be good, pious, saintly Monarchs. It is our duty to be good, pious, saintly subjects. Do we all, Monarchs and subjects, fall short in our duty? Rhetorical question.

Through the infinite merits of Jesus Christ, and only Jesus Christ, (whew, maybe my restraints can be removed now), we have the great privilege to honor (dulia) the saints through whom God grants us great graces. We have the great privilege to honor (dulia) our Monarchs. Furthermore, as the saints, who love and care for us in the Divine Order, demand that we live upright and just lives in the fear and love of our Savior Jesus Christ, we demand that our Monarchs live and rule as upright and just Monarchs in the fear and love of our Savior Jesus Christ. Conversely, our Monarchs demand that we live as upright and just subjects.

When we follow the Divine Order as such, we are truly bringing our Father’s Kingdom “on earth as it is in Heaven” by rightfully worshiping (dulia) the saints, our veterans, our neighbor in Church, our Pastor, our mother and father…etc. and rightfully worshiping (latria) our Lord Jesus Christ as King of all Kings.


Can the democratic man be saved?


Interesting read in this link. Written by an Orthodox priest.

There is much here to ponder. But I can identify with his basic premise. My encounter with God was and is very undemocratic. After July 17, 2006 I began a journey that is profoundly freeing (thus, the name of my first book “Journey to Christendom – The Freedom Dance“) while at the same time decidedly un-democratic.

The more free I became in Christ, the less appealing were the vagaries of democratic “opinion” (side note – Aquinas in the Summa does make a distinction in substance between opinion and faith). I realized that Christ is a Monarch, not a President who panders to my whims for the purpose of seeking re-election.

My encounter with Christ had a tectonic impact that re-shaped me as a Monarchist.

From the article:

“The modern Christian is generally a democratic man. It is a habit of the heart formed by the culture we live in. It forms and shapes us for unbelief and the god of unbelievers. The democratic man cannot believe in God.

This is the Democratic Man.

Can such a man find God, or even be saved?”


Overview of the CRAA

Template 1

The Counterrevolutionary and Royal Army of America (CRAA) is a contemplative based initiative dedicated to the reign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Social Kingship of Christ through the Catholic Monarchy and in the friendship and sisterly care of Ste. Jehanne d’Arc and Ste. Thérèse de l’Enfant Jésus. The CRAA is inspired directly by the Armée Catholique et Royale, an 18th century counterrevolutionary movement from the Vendée/Bocage region of western France during the French Revolution.

The CRAA is the spiritual counterrevolutionary arm of the The Dove and Rose, which is a sister initiative devoted to Ste. Jehanne d’Arc and Ste. Thérèse de l’Enfant Jésus that seeks to help us grow in sanctifying grace. Together, the CRAA and the Dove and Rose Devotees seek to expand the Kingdom of God on earth (the seed of which is the Catholic Church), where Jesus Christ is worshiped and honored as our mighty King, the most holy and immaculate Virgin Mary is rightfully honored as our glorious Queen, and the Saints are honored as our noble sisters and brothers. Is this not what we were taught to pray by our Master? “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

The “heart” of the CRAA is a desire to work in the friendship and sisterly care of Ste. Jehanne d’Arc and Ste. Thérèse de l’Enfant Jésus for the Social Kingship of Christ and the reign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary through a Catholic Monarchy.  We see ourselves as fulfilling the noble objective of the Militia of the Immaculata of St. Maximilian Kolbe (though the CRAA itself has no association with the MI), particularly through an emphasis on devotion to the Renaissance of Catholic France, the restoration of the French Catholic Monarchy along with all Catholic Monarchies of Christendom, and even the establishment of a Catholic Monarchy in the United States.

The Kingdom we love, defend, and for which we must be prepared to die


It is this Kingdom that we desire with all of our hearts. It is this Kingdom that is our true home. It is this Kingdom that we seek to defend to our death in the face of a militant anti-God secularism which is seeking to destroy God’s Kingdom on earth through an  unholy alliance with both Eastern  New Age and an ever dissipating wave of Protestantism now calling itself, after five centuries of rebellion against God’s Church, “spiritual but not religious.” The Counterrevolutionary and Royal Army of America would defend the glory that is the Catholic Kingdom against all of these sublimely coordinated evils in the same spirit as did the Vendéan Counterrevolutionaries against the diabolical French Republic during the Revolution.

We could likewise use the analogy of Joan of Arc’s efforts in the Hundred Years War. The spirit of the CRAA, and we believe also that of the 18th century Armée Catholique et Royale before us, is that same one from the 15th century whereby Joan of Arc defended the true Kingdom of France in the name of Jesus as true Monarch (with Charles VII being the earthly steward) against the usurping and unjust alliance between England and French Burgundy. Indeed this spirit of defending the glory of the Kingdom goes back to the first Apostles of Christ, and, we could even say, to the beginning of time itself. “I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head, and thou shall lie in wait for her heel.” (Gen 3:15, Douay-Rheims).

This war between the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of the evil one spans the entire history of the created order. “And a great sign appeared in heaven: A woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.” (Rev 12:1, Douay-Rheims). “And the dragon was angry against the woman: and went to make war with the rest of her seed, who keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.” (Rev 12:17, Douay-Rheims). The spirit of the CRAA would be that of the woman, the holy Mother of God, Immaculate in Conception (Luke 1:28, Rev 12:14) with her seed, Jesus Christ, true God and true man, and His followers who are “of her seed” and who “have the testimony of Jesus Christ.” The other spirit, that of the satanic army opposing our most Holy Queen in heaven, runs deeply today in our culture through the philosophies of militant, anti-God secularism, New Age, and “Spiritual but not Religious” rebellion against the authentic moral order. That same vulgar spirit has co-opted not only our culture but the political process as well.

This is not about establishing a “kingdom of this world” (which Jesus specifically stated He had not come to do) but about establishing “God’s Kingdom on earth,” a subtle but crucial point of differentiation and is that for which Jesus did instruct us to pray. This Kingdom will reign eternally after earth disappears; yet, we are called to do our part for that Kingdom while we are here. The work for the Kingdom is the point of our existence. We are not here to amuse ourselves in luxury with the newest technologies and bawdy television shows, blending in with secular society, while simply sharing “our personal views” with others in a superficially relativistic manner. To the contrary, we are called as Catholic witnesses, even martyrs, to fight the forces of darkness. Rise from your slumber Catholic warrior.

To paraphrase GK Chesterton, the CRAA would fight for love of what is behind it rather than out of any hatred for what is before it. As Catholic Crusaders for the glory of the Kingdom and for our Divine King and our most honorable, Immaculate Queen, we know that our battle is not against flesh and blood but against the spiritual powers of darkness. We are driven by love for our fellow man, for we hope that all men might partake of this Kingdom by the grace of our Savior.

All would be under the co-patronage of the glorious Sts. Joan of Arc and Thérèse of Lisieux for the honor of Mary most holy, our beloved Queen and for her Son, Jesus Christ, Who is true God and true man, our Divine King, and the only Savior of the human race.

Our inspiration, the “Armée Catholique et Royale” fighting the French Revolutionary Republic


The Armée Catholique et Royale was a popular uprising by the peasant class to oppose the evils of the Revolution, those evils including the ruthless, bloody suppression of the Catholic Church and even the entirety of Christian tradition with it. The Counterrevolutionaries were known as “Chouans” or, in English, “Royalists” who supported the one thousand year old French Catholic Monarchy embodied at that time in Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, the most Christian Monarchs of France (and later in the boy King Louis XVII, the son of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette who was imprisoned and never ruled). They were from a region heavily influenced a lifetime earlier by the missionary zeal of St. Louis de Montfort and his teachings on True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin. There can be little doubt that their strong love for our holy Queen in heaven and for her Son in His Eucharist were what drove their noble Crusade against the insanity of militant, unmerciful secularism.

The Vendéan Chouans wanted their Church, their King and Queen, and the entirety of their Catholic Faith. The merciless and wild-eyed Republican totalitarians wanted to be “free” of the Church and those traditions, and they were bent on forcing the entire population to be “free” as well (whether they wanted to or not!). The guillotine was used obsessively and unmercifully to eliminate these “enemies of Liberty.”

As a result, the Vendéans died heroically fighting the Republic. The Republic eventually massacred over 300,000 Vendéans in a brutal suppression, including women and children (even executing women who held their children in their arms) in what some historians consider to be the first state sponsored genocide in modern history. The Republic committed these crimes in the name of “liberty, equality, and brotherhood.” So it typically goes when mankind looks to build its own kingdom of man in opposition to the Kingdom of God. Those who wish to be “free” from God will kill, without mercy, and in the name of “freedom” and “rights,” those religious souls who oppose them.

Current situation, the American Republic has fallen victim to the spiritual anarchy of the “Revolution” against God


The Republic of the United States is following the same course, though more slowly, as did the blasphemous French Revolution. The latter can actually be seen as a very time-compressed demonstration of where these Democratic Republican forms of government ultimately run, which is toward an endlessly unstable dictatorship by the most powerful group on any given day in a naturally developing pluralistic system. The “will of the people” is a mere abstract principle that is commonly usurped in practicality by powerful minority interests. A hypothetical (though not necessarily hypothetical in America) example would be that a country’s population would favor by majority, say, the elimination or severe restriction of abortion while powerful, pluralistic, elitist minority alliances use the legal system to continue the execution of children as if by guillotine. The “will of the people” is usurped by the “will of the elite.” This is the true nature of Democratic Republics.

However, the “will of the people” itself is an insufficient and most capricious principle to exalt. It is especially blasphemous to elevate in the face of God and His Divine Will. Are we to believe that God is pleased that the “will of the people” (or that of a powerful minority) chooses the killing of children through abortion “rights”? Is God pleased that the “will of the people” chooses to deny God in public places and to force a vulgar, immoral set of values on our children in public schools? Is God pleased that “the will of the people” chooses to legalize intrinsically evil homosexual unions? (These are erroneously called “marriages” as there is no such thing in objective reality as “marriage” between same sex couples.) Does God change His morality based on the “will of the people”? Is God Himself subject to “the will of the people”? How ludicrous! Can the “will of the people” ever be wrong? Of course, it can, and it is when it yields to morality outside of God’s own.

Such is the situation today in the United States of America. The “will of the people” (or of the usurping minority interests as the case may be) is wrong. That people can be guided to a life giving, truly progressive (“progressive” being properly understood) society by its own “will” without regard to God’s will is a grave (and tragic) error in thinking. Just look around. We in the United States have developed, through the “will of the people” (or of the usurping minority interests), and particularly since “the Sixties” revolution, the most vulgar, obscene, “life-taking,” religious-phobic, and brazenly blasphemous culture ever known on earth. Our culture speaks for the value systems of those in it. A culture is a reflection of what “the people” believe. It is obvious that “the people” (or the usurping minority interests) do not believe in God.

The political and social solution, a superior form of government, the Catholic Monarchy

JOA coronation radiance

What is needed is a society founded on the authentic and unchanging morality of God. This unchanging morality is known through the Catholic Church, which is the seed of the eternal Kingdom of God on earth and is the Body and Bride of the living, resurrected Jesus Christ, who founded her and teaches through her in every age through the Holy Spirit. Such a society did exist in ancient Christendom, ruled by Kings and Popes, and it is a far superior model for the United States today than is its own broken and mostly ignored constitution in its “Democratic Republic” (though in reality a mere pluralistic system of competing, usurping minority ideologies).

God created us with free will and gave us the most magnificent of freedoms to “eat from any of the trees in the garden.” That is astonishing freedom! However, of the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil” we must not eat lest we die. In other words, when the “will of the people” is to determine capriciously for ourselves what is morally right and what is morally wrong, outside of God’s eternal law, the “will of the people” leads us to death. There we have the contemporary situation in the United States of America, already dying by this spiritual malignancy of moral anarchy.

The Catholic Monarchy is a superior form of government to that of the Republic with the latter’s whimsical “will of the people” and that will’s aimlessly shifting and decaying morality. The Catholic Monarchy most resembles the authentic, aristocratic hierarchy of the Kingdom of Heaven. The King and Queen, by Divine Right, rule as a father and mother, and ensure that society follows the proper norms of Catholic morality, which is the very morality the United States inherited from ancient Christendom (and has now thrown aside). By answering to the Holy Father, Our Pope, in Rome on matters of faith and morals, a King’s potential tendency toward totalitarianism is checked. That is the historical record of ancient Christendom. Popes in that time were counter-balances that checked against Kings who tried to get out of hand. The check and balance between King and Pope is far superior to the checks and balances in the United States Constitution. The checks and balances of the Constitution have not prevented a totalitarianism of moral anarchy in the social order. The Constitution merely checks the branches of government in the enforcement of whatever the whimsical “will of the people” has established as a rule of law. It does not, and is not even designed to, check the “will of the people” itself. Checks between Popes and Kings do exactly that.

The objectives of the CRAA

mission divine 2.jpg

The Counterrevolutionary and Royal Army of America is set forth here as a potential social and political Counterrevolutionary movement with the objective of changing the course of America back to the goodness of Catholic government and culture which had been developed for well over 1,500 years through the Catholic Empire of ancient Christendom. It is the rejection of this millennium and a half worth of religious and moral development, along with the ill-fated substitution of the Democratic Republic for the Catholic Monarchy that is killing the United States and the West today.

The CRAA would seek:

– To promote the understanding that the American Republic, having run the natural course of Democratic Republicanism and having now fallen victim to the spirit of anti-God revolution which parades as the “will of the people,” is now irreparably lost and must seek a more authentic (and more freeing, with “freedom” properly understood) form of government, specifically that of a Catholic Monarchy.

– The establishment of a Catholic Monarchy in the United States which would be the right hand of the Catholic Church. This Catholic Monarchy would restore an authentic moral order based on the guidance of the Church while still allowing for religious freedom in the land and the high principles sought in our (now usurped) constitution, such as freedom of speech and association. Law and culture, however, would reflect Catholic morality. The country would be run by a Monarch who is checked by a truly sovereign and independent Church, not by a flock of politicians all checking each other (the fox guarding the hen house).

– In the interim, changes to current United States law, including changes to the constitution, which would pave the way for a Catholic Monarch and would, through the Church’s social teachings, begin the establishment of a legitimate hierarchy of values to guide society.

– To support the restoration of Catholic Kingdoms throughout the West, most importantly in France, the “eldest daughter of the Church,” whose main role in history, up to the time of the dreadful Revolution and implementation of the vulgar Republic, had been to defend Christendom and the Church.

The ultimate aim of all this would be the restoration of a united Christendom in the West ruled by legitimate Catholic Kings and which civilization would honor Jesus Christ as our true King, the most holy and glorious Virgin Mary as our rightfully exalted Queen, and the Saints as our noble sisters and brothers.

The Counterrevolution driven by the CRAA and its spiritual organization, The Dove and Rose, would be a form of Crusade against the tyranny of secularism and the “revolution” against God that has been waged by the evil incarnate one since the beginning of time. This revolution rears its diabolical head in every century and has now infested the Republic of the United States of America. The Crusade that is the Counterrevolution is to be seen as an act of love for our fellow man and of self-defense for our culture and way of life.


A restored Catholic civilization is our only hope. Yet, due to the world’s primordial enmity with and hatred for Jesus Christ, His Church, and, therefore, us as well, it is possible that in order to restore it we might have to shed our blood in the ultimate sacrifice as did our Fathers in the faith before us. We are unworthy of such an honor; however, if called, we pray for the grace to be obedient even unto death to Christ and His Church, to the Holy Virgin, Mother of God and our glorious Queen, and to the Saints reigning in heaven with them.

Vive le Roi. Vive la culture Catholique. Vive des Etats-Unis. Vive la France. Monarchie Catholique en avant!

St. Joan of Arc, pray for us! St. Thérèse of Lisieux, pray for us! Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us! Jesus Christ, Savior of the human race, have mercy on us!

“Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Amen, so be it.